Richard D Hall | Madeleine – Why The Cover Up?

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Another great piece of investigative journalism from Richard D Hall into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The following is a brief written synopsis of this latest Documentary:

The following is a brief synopsis of this latest Documentary:

Following on from his previous films about the Madeleine McCann mystery, Richard D. Hall attempts to tackle the most difficult questions of all. Assuming Madeleine died, which Richard firmly believes is the case, how did she die? and why was the death covered up with the help of British government agencies?

This DVD box set consists of two 90 minute films. The first film examines the movements of the initial suspect in the case, Robert Murat, both immediately before and after Madeleine was reported missing and attempts to shed light on whether he played a role in the cover-up of Madeleine’s alleged death.

The second film looks at the various ways Madeleine McCann may have died and discusses a range of possible reasons why a cover-up was ordered from the highest levels. The films take the viewer as far as is feasibly possible, using the available evidence, towards providing an explanation for the Madeleine McCann cover up.

We also recommend you check out his previous video on the case titled ‘Embedded Confessions Of The McCanns‘.



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  1. Josh Darius

    The theory about here dying on Sunday makes most sense to me. It was warm sunny, unlike Thursday so the picture makes sense only that way, the whole picture thing is ridiculous one picture! and they changed the date on it. Sure they had rolls of pictures from the past 2 years. Also this way the apt was cleaned by the maid on Mon/tues and prob by the MCCanns as well so that’s the only way a childs DNA is no where to be found when she’s basically 4 years old crawling all over everything. Obviously then they concocted their evil scheme for their own nefarious means disregarding hundreds of other peoples lives that would be affected badly and keeping money from doing good things for living children. One quote from one of her latter preconferences her reply to ahy she is still looking was “cause we are the only ones who can find her” That sums it up. Love your work Richard, thank you. -Josh

  2. deb cadd

    first and foremost, you don’t leave your children alone at any time, so young, and the mccanns where doctors, ridiculous. i think something sinister happened here, don’t believe anything they say, Gerry is obviously taking great delight in this, and Kate is going along with it, think the parents of Kate and Gerry need to be explored, for sexual abuse, and also the friends have something to do with it, they took Maddie, and hid her, to hide paedophile activity, and Kate will confess when the twins are grown up, if she doesn’t meet a horrible end to her life, they are both despicable liars, RIP Maddie,


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