The Age of Aluminium – Heavy Metal Poisoning Documentary

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Documentaries, Environment, Health | 1 comment

Aluminium is everywhere – not only in soda cans but also in food, cosmetics, and many medications, including most vaccinations.

Though it is an ideal material for making airplanes, computers, and pens, the accumulation of aluminium in the body can have devastating consequences.

The Age of Aluminium profiles people whose health has been seriously impacted by unwitting exposure to aluminium, along with leading scientists as they explore the links between this known neurotoxin and a growing epidemic of chronic illnesses and disabilities.

In moving footage captured from Brazil to Hungary, the film traces the long-term impact of aluminium mining on the environment and those involved in its production.

For those seeking answers to why breast cancer, dementia, autism, autoimmunity, allergies, and chronic fatigue are on the rise, The Age of Aluminum is a must-see film.

Aluminium, atomic number 13 in the Periodic Table of Elements, is a shiny silvery metal and the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust.

Aluminium’s chemical properties make it ideal for crafting into thousands of objects used on a daily basis.

A highly reactive element that readily binds with many others to form useful products, aluminium also presents a danger to living creatures, as it has no role in living systems.

Until the process of smelting aluminium was discovered in the late 1800s (1889), little bioavailable aluminium entered living beings.

Life on Earth evolved in the absence of bioavailable aluminium.

Aluminium has no biological function in any living organism and its bio-accumulation can result in dysfunction and toxicity.

The lack of an evolutionary presence and role for aluminium in living systems has rendered all life defenceless to its mechanisms of toxicity.

Aluminium is perceived by living things including humans as a foreign substance, or antigen, due to its lack of recognition in the biological environment, and as a toxin.



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Equate Null

The answer to cancer seems to be injecting the body with even more poisons…Insanity!!!

Instead of looking at the immediate environment.

Most all products that are sold to you have some sort of poison, if enough is consumed over a period of time it collectively poisons you! But by the time that happens…they say old age killed you…They don’t dare mention the products you consume, wear or sit on…Food, Clothes, Car seats, etc…That would lead to many lawsuits

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