UK Government’s Controlled Mainstream News Controls Your Emotions

by | May 24, 2017 | meme | 0 comments

When people die, it’s very sad. But what’s even sadder, is when your government exploits your emotions to kill more people in wars of occupation under the guise of self defence and humanitarian intervention.

The Manchester incident ties in with our predictions to use a dissolved parliament and emotional blackmail to invade Syria without resistance.

UK Parliament Dissolves For Possible Syrian Invasion With Another False Flag Sarin Attack?

What people tend to forget is, both sides are controlled by the same people. ISIS and the UK government are one and the same.

So let’s get our act together and get angry at this Satanism that’s infested our planet.

There is a reason the UK government’s emergency response committee is called COBRA. The serpent…

The serpent in Psalm 91:13 is identified as Satan by Christians.

If you have hate in your hart, you are a prisoner of Satan.



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