Why the Rich are Getting Richer – Robert Kiyosaki

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how the rich get richer - robert kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ fame tells us why the rich continue to get rich while the poor will continue to get poor.

The state education system teaches you very little about how to succeed in life, its main purpose is to teach children how to get by in life, it teaches them how to be a cog in a much greater machine. What it fails to teach is us is one of the most important things we need in this World in order to live a happy and prosperous life, how to make money, or to be more precise, how to make money work for you.

If you are not familiar with Roberts work we highly recommend his best selling book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, its a great read that’ll leave you wondering why they don’t teach this stuff!

In the real world, the smartest people are people who make mistakes and learn. In school, the smartest people don’t make mistakes.

Robert Kiyosaki

Believe it or not, it’s not rocket science, it’s not luck, its following a number of careful steps over time, following the do’s and avoiding the do not’s. Being Rich is merely down to having the right financial education and the good news is, it’s never too late to get the right education.

Remember they won’t teach this at school, they won’t teach it in any college or university and they certainly won’t be giving you the correct advice on day time television – so treat yourself and your future and start educating yourself.



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