Coronavirus – Social Distancing or Social Conditioning?

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With the pandemics numbers beginning to head down the other side of the peak, many countries are now beginning to reopen their schools. France and Denmark just this week opened the doors to their schools, with many more Countries expected to follow suite over the coming days and weeks.

But as they said, things will ‘never go back to normal’, and that’s possibly the only accurate statement we’ve heard being reiterated across the World from politicians and their media mouthpieces.

The New Normal Equals Child Abuse

As I said earlier, France have now reopened many of their schools, so lets take a look at some of the new protocols:

  • At no point can any child come within 1m of another child
  • Teachers must wear masks at all times
  • Teachers can have no physical contact with the children (unless absolutely necessary)
  • During break time all children must play on their own
  • There will be no sharing of stationary, books or toys etc
  • Any school provided items like bicycles, slides & swings will be removed from outdoor play areas.

The image above was taken by historian Lionel Top, a BFM News Journalist, he said ‘the children had been told to stay in their zones.’. While school staff have said the children do not appear to see this these protocols as punishment, what is not being said is that very fact makes this a whole lot worse. This is social conditioning like we’ve never seen before.

From the continual ‘wash your hands’ songs shoved in between every kids programme right now, to the dark and sad children’s stories aimed at brainwashing children into believing this is all for some greater good, all of this is something that I can only describe as Child Abuse at the state level.

No, its not normal – your right about that.

Temporary Measures……. Place Your Bets Now

Now if your thinking, ‘dont over react, this is just until the pandemic is over’ – Think a little harder, remember what you keep getting told. A second wave is coming, right – we have heard about the second wave right back at the beginning and you can be sure it coming, regardless of any virus. ‘The New Normal’ is a new society, a new social structure and a new way of life. This is no temporary measure, this is the new virus protocol.

The second wave will actually make what we’ve currently had to endure feel pretty normal, which I guess is how this will become ‘The New Normal’ in the minds of the populous. Once you’ve gone through Wave two, you’ll be begging for the ‘New Normal’ of today.

I urge everyone to not accept this, don’t send your children back to school, live your life respectful to others, but how you want. If you hand over the keys to your freedom, they will never been handed back, not ever.

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James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.


  1. An archon

    Children queueing look literally like a scen from the “Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall”. It makes me sad.

    • James Allard

      That’s exactly what my wife said.

  2. Jay

    Are we having a pandemic of insanity? It might be this and not a virus…the world’s authorities seemed to copy what was appearing on MSM from China and so emulated all of the oppressive behaviours before any proof that a lethal disease was actually in existence! Somehow the madness spread and multiplied in a deadlier form than any innocent cold virus…this is a pandemic of outright hate.

  3. Tamsin

    This is so messed up! No way should children have to go through that. Or adults actually!


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