‘Nick’ Stands by His Claims of VIP Sexual Abuse

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Child Abuse, Paedophilia, World News | 1 comment

You may remember the story of the VIP child abuse whistleblower ‘Nick’ who made claims of his abuse within Westminster and other VIP’s including the notorious child molester Jimmy Savile. Well, he’s been in court and even though the mainstream press smeared his credibility and deemed him a fantasist, he still stands by his claims.

Carl Beech insisted he was raped and tortured by a gang that included Army chiefs, politicians and TV presenter Jimmy Savile. Entering the witness box for the first time, the 51-year-old vicar’s son, previously known by the pseudonym Nick, told jurors how he was used as a human dartboard and given electric shocks by his alleged tormentors.  [Source]

He went on to say how his life was threatened if he was to ever talk about what had happened to him as a child:

He also told Newcastle Crown Court that the former head of MI5, Sir Michael Hanley, threatened to make him ‘disappear if I didn’t do as I was told and no one would care’. Repeating a claim he first made to police in 2014, Beech described how the ex-chief of the security service kidnapped his dog as a warning to comply with the paedophile ring’s wishes.  [Source]

Carl Beech’s story is quite a harrowing one and some readers may find it disturbing, however it is one we should take very seriously. Child Abuse rings are a very real issue and they exist in every aspect of our society, but no more so than at the higher end of our society. Where the powers of our society are at there greatest, inhumane and immoral behaviour exists at disturbing levels, this is the nature of those who seek power.

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  1. David Howard

    Dr. Phil reveals polygraph results for Ricky Dearman.


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