Scotland – Back To School In The Post-Covid Era

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Sky News reported today on just what school is looking like in the post-covid era. Tollbrae Primary School in Airdrie has started back after the extended summer break. Let the social conditioning begin!

With strict distance to be kept from teachers at all times, to colour allocations for pupils to define who they can interact with.

Sharon Hynes, dropping off five-year-old daughter Lilly, is apprehensive

“They’ve been a lot safer in the home than stuck in a school where you don’t know what’s going on,” she said.

“You still don’t know if they’ll be safe but they need to get back to normality.”[1]

I’m sorry. Did she just say ‘get back to normality’?

You could not get much further from normality. What we are seeing unfold would not be out of place in the slightest if read in a science fiction novel.

Baqar Raza said he had impressed upon his seven-year-old daughter Faryal that keeping safe was key, but he is glad the school is reopening.

“As well as their health being important, their schooling’s important along with it,” he said.[1]

I agree with Baqar, their health is important. So I have to ask, why on earth are you sending your precious daughter back to school?

Nevermind the Coronavirus, which lets not forget has a 0.0% chance of effecting  your child, what about the long-term mental health effects from this twisted fear inducing reality being built up around children?

This is devastating, this is dangerous, this is the ‘new normal’



James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.


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