This will be the Greatest Wealth Transfer the World has Ever Seen

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Activism, Corruption, Economy, Freedoms, Police State, Psychological, Tyranny, World at War | 1 comment

While fears of the coronavirus spread continue to shake the World, another pandemic is building in the background. What could be the greatest wealth transfer of all time is taking place right under our very nose.

This began with the stock market bubble popping after almost a decade of pumped up valuations by central banks, the coronavirus acting as the pin well and truly burst it, causing a blood bath across the board.

Central Banks across the World are scrambling around trying to save the collapse by lowering interest rates to zero, as we have just seen in the US and putting the money printer on steroids. But none of this will save the markets, they have been intentionally pumped up to fantastical valuations which could only ever result in one thing, a collapse so severe it will lead to an economic depression comparable to the Great Depression of the early 1900s.

Cryptocurrencies not a Safe Haven

Traditional markets haven’t been the only affected asset class, cryptocurrencies haven’t escaped the bloodbath with Bitcoin down almost 60% in just 30 days. Even precious metals have taken a hit, with Gold down 13% and Silver down a massive 30% just in a few days.

Experts have been predicting an imminent crash in the markets for some time, it;’s no secret that they were over valued. All it was going to take was a catalyst, many thought the impending war with Iran at the turn of 2020 would be the pin that popped this monstrosity of a bubble; however, it turns out it was the coronavirus.

Predictable Event

What we need to understand though is that the collapse was a predictable event to those with foreknowledge of any Government announcements surrounding the coronavirus. Those with such knowledge are those in the top 1% of the wealth pyramid. This minority of wealthy individuals sold at the top and begun the downward slide into oblivion.

Now this small group of elites are in a very unique position, just as the moment the pin popped the stock market bubble was entirely predictable to them, they also will be able to predict the market all the way down to the bottom. The markets are entirely correlated to coronavirus news and how Governments react at this point.

World in Lockdown

But, the markets are not the only factor we need to consider here. While the World goes into lockdown, along with the financial system collapsing we are going to see rates of unemployment hit record levels as businesses downsize and in many cases closing altogether. House repossessions will go through the roof, household debt will go through the roof as banks offer low to zero rate of interest loans to ‘help people through the crisis’.

It will require people to dip into any savings they may have, cash in their investments, re-mortgage their homes and do whatever it is they need to, to get through the next few weeks and months. Peoples wealth will slowly be depleted, leaving a largely insolvent population. This small remaining wealth of the bottom 99% will quickly find its way to the top of the pyramid – it always does.

Post Crisis

Once the dust has settled and this so-called pandemic is over the people will be craving, demanding any help that is offered to them. Socialist reform will appear far more desirable, the temptation of a one world government to ensure a future crisis like this can be handled better and more efficiently will appeal to the masses.

This may all seem a little far-fetched and whether you want to believe this is all by some carefully contrived conspiracy designed in dark rooms by a handful of malevolent individuals, or just a convenient opportunity for those wealthy and powerful few to get a bigger foothold over the World – either way, in the end the conclusion is the same.


While the scenario I present may seem like a doomsday prophecy, there is hope. Powerful or not, they a minority, a very small minority at that. It is through the indoctrination from birth that comes from our media, our schooling, the Government itself and older already well indoctrinated generations that we believe subservience to the state is the only way our society can function. After all, without Government there would be chaos and anarchy, right?

Many will tell you we need Government to prevent evil people from ruling the World, it ensures the safety of all those it governs; it provides welfare for those under its care, and what about the roads! But take a look around, what do you see?

But the reality is, thats where we are right now, Government are the evil people we are warned about, raping and pillaging the earth of resources and the people that get in their way. Locking up those it governs for carrying plants around which they deem illegal, removing children from parents if they don’t follow Government protocol.

The solution is you, me, all of us to not accept. We are the majority, there manufactured fiat wealth is worth nothing without us, their power is only as strong as the number of people that support it. Stand up and be counted, together we are the 99%.

Love, Peace & Anarchy

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.

1 Comment

  1. Hal B Moss

    Thanks for the story, great to see someone standing up.


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