US Fed Officials Shake Off Economic Worries

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US Fed shake off economic worries

We have been hearing of potential doom and gloom scenerio’s for some time now in the media, not least from ourselves. However, according to US Fed officials we have nothing to worry about, the party goes on!

That’s right, Federal Reserve officials have all got together to discuss the current economic climate and the general consensus is that the US Economy is strong and according to Cleveland’s Loretta Mester, its in a good spot’

The article from Bloomberg continues on blindly with more reasons to be optimistic about the future:

‘U.S. growth was relatively strong in 2018 — an estimated 2.9 percent according to economists surveyed by Bloomberg — but is expected to moderate this year as the global economy cools and as the stimulus from U.S. tax cuts and government spending increases fade. Still, the labor market remains robust with unemployment of 4 percent near the lowest levels since the 1960s.’ [source]

But what they fail to state is the direct correlation between low levels of unemployment and imminent recession. Historically when the US reaches these low levels of unemployment, particularly when its preceded by a spike in unemployment, i.e a trough, recession shortly follows.

‘Historically, a trough in the unemployment rate also tends to be a reliable predictor of a business recession. On average, since 1969, the unemployment rate trough occurred nine months before the NBER-determined recession trough….’ [source]

The US Economy is at tipping point, if not already past that point, now it is just a matter of time before major contraction of the economy begins. But of course the Federal Reserve are not going to divulge such information, it is in fact in their interest to continue to give the perception of a strong economy. Getting out of the markets is reserved for those at the top, meanwhile the average person who has been continually deceived by these optimistic fantasies are left with their wealth cut in half.



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