Corporate Funded Mainstream Science Begin Propaganda War On Organic Food

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Mainstream Science War On Organic Food

It’s become apparent that the Mainstream Scientific community are now at war with the Organic Industry. With mainstream Scientific Journals and Academia now pushing the lie that ‘Organic Food is bad for the planet’ – Yes, you read correctly.

So On What Basis Could They Possibly Attack Organic Food?

Well this short info-video from New Scientist explains this ridiculous narrative:

So the foundation of this idea that Organic Food is bad is tied to the fraudulent ‘Climate Change’ Narrative, which is also being pushed by the Corporate owned Scientific community and their media counterparts. An article in The Guardian was also pushing this same narrative:

Organic farming could be worse for the climate than conventional farming methods, one of the government’s scientific advisers has said, because of the greater land use required and the methods used.

Lord Krebs, who advises ministers on how to adapt to climate change, told the Oxford Farming Conference that organic farming did not necessarily mean more environmentally friendly farming.

Instead, he suggested, agricultural methods known as “no-till” – which usually involves the use of genetically modified crops or biotechnology, with herbicides to kill the weeds that tilling normally prevents – were better for the climate as they reduce the turnover of soils, a process that releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The Guardian appears to have many articles promoting the use of GM crops and negating the production of Organic crops, here is another article stating that GM crops are good for the Environment:

Crops genetically modified to poison pests can deliver significant environmental benefits, according to a study spanning two decades and 1.5m square kilometres. The benefits extended to non-GM crops in neighbouring fields, researchers found.

But regardless of your beliefs surrounding Climate change, this is not a valid basis to stop the production of Organic food. Mono-crop production over vast expanses of land is depleting the soil of all it’s nutrients and producing tasteless nutrition-less food. The argument that less CO2 emissions are generated through the production of GM crops is moot, as the crops being produced with the use of GM seeds are providing poor health to those that consume it, harming the wildlife populations at alarming levels and thus destroying the environment. The Bee populations have become such an issue that the development of artificial Bee’s is already underway as Business Insider reports:

The researchers believe that as soon as 10 years from now these RoboBees could artificially pollinate a field of crops, a critical development if the commercial pollination industry cannot recover from severe yearly losses over the past decade.

The White House underscored what’s at stake, noting that the loss of bees and other species “requires immediate attention to ensure the sustainability of our food production systems, avoid additional economic impact on the agricultural sector, and protect the health of the environment.” Honeybees alone contribute more than $15 billion in value to U.S. agricultural crops each year.

The harmful effects of modern, chemical based farming are being felt across the World and to even attempt to try and claim it is a more viable method of farming over Organic farming is insane. This ridiculous lie fabricated by the Agricultural Chemical giants such as Monsanto, Bayer and Du Pont has already seeped it’s way into Academia, because in order to correctly establish any belief that simply is not true, you must begin at the foundation – Education. With the most prestigious UK Universities now following this same line of thought its ideas have already made it’s way into Academic literature and studies

Want some more hilarious info-videos, here’s another attempting to show us the dark side of Organic Food:

Organic Food Could Even Increase Risk Of Breast Cancer!

The Daily Mail also published an article ‘implying’ that Organic food was linked to an increased risk of Breast Cancer:

Women who always ate organic fruit and vegetables over a period of nine years were no less likely to develop one of 16 types of cancer than those who never ate that type of foods.

In fact, scientists actually found there was a small increased risk of breast cancer in those who only ate organic, according to Oxford University’s Million Women study.

I see no mention in any of these articles or video’s about the harmful effects of GM crops on the Planet and Human Health, they fail to mention the multiple tumour growths found in Rats when fed GM crops. They also fail to mention that it is illegal to perform studies on GM crops safety without permission (insane, but not an uncommon practice).

A produce which is inferior in quality is a false economy, we have seen this with other consumer products over the last few decades with the uprising of Chinas mass production output. They can produce visually identical products at a fraction of the price, yet most are nothing more than throw away items. Items such as Televisions are now considered consumables.

Here’s a small sampling of the nutritional differences found in this 2012 nutritional analysis:

  • Calcium: GMO corn = 14 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 6,130 ppm (437 times more)
  • Magnesium: GMO corn = 2 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 113 ppm (56 times more)
  • Manganese: GMO corn = 2 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 14 ppm (7 times more)

GM crops as you see produce an inferior product. But this article is not about condemning GM foods and the so-called ‘Big Farma’ Corporations, we have no love for them but it’s an entirely separate and overwhelming large topic to discuss within this particular article, we are merely stating the insanity behind this blatant War on Organic Food.

Condemnation of something which is working within the Natural order of all things is just madness; if a problem exists and such natural methods are unsustainable then the problem is elsewhere to be resolved but to change and restructure how organisms exist in order to satisfy human needs is not a viable option. That said, we don’t accept that GM crop production is a long term better option for the Environment, far better for the profits of the seed manufacturers would be more accurate.

This is much the same for the food industry, as production ramps up to unseen levels using unnatural methods the quality declines and as a result human health declines. Medical care will increase, those requiring state benefits will increase – the knock on effect is endless and frightening.

But, of course, profits come before common sense!

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