‘Greta Thunberg’ Merchandise Hypocrisy, Toxic and Made in China!

by | Dec 22, 2019 | Environment, World News | 0 comments

Its been a few weeks since we last touched on everyone’s favourite activist superhero, so here we are again – this time its in relation to Greta Thunberg merchandise, yes you heard it right people actually buy this stuff!

The Times has reported that despite a boom in the sale of Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg-related merchandise indicating greater environmental awareness, much of it is either transported from China or made from environmentally unfriendly materials.

The “Greta” memorabilia (we kid you not) includes a variety of T-shirts, mugs, stickers, badges and bags which are currently available online via Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other online marketplaces.

The Times reports:

The gnome, for example, is made from bonded acrylic resin, a material that is not easily recycled nor readily biodegradable. The manufacture of acrylic can also involve toxins that are potentially harmful to factory workers and the environment, according to campaigners,” the survey asserts.

Of the dozens of Greta products […]  only one offered any money to green charities, with a lone T-shirt vendor on eBay promising to donate 10 per cent of proceeds to Save the Planet”, the analysis claimed.

Of course, it’s probably fair to say that Greta has no affiliation with the manufacturers and retailers of these products, but the fact that they exist would indicate there is a demand and thus exposes the hypocrisy of many of her supporters.

Greta Thunberg has received a lot of hatred and abuse online, however, this is a misguided attack as she is not at fault, she is simply a child being used to fulfil an agenda. It is her parents, the charities, Government entities and her millions upon millions of misinformed supporters that are to blame.

Greta Thunberg declined to comment.



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