The Problem With Symptom Specific Activism

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The Problem With Symptom Specific Activism

Activism has always existed within human society, it’s what the elite would call a side-effect of the allegedly intelligent human mind. Where there is a hierarchal power structure which enforces rules and structures upon large numbers of people you will inevitably get activism and protest. It is, after all, the intelligent response.

But how effective is activism ?

Well, this is the problem, by standing in the cold with a banner and a megaphone, preaching to those who’s actions or intentions anger or concern you, are we really achieving anything ?

Does chaining yourself up to a tree really save trees, does it really stall any kind of growth in the ever increasing deforestation on a global scale ?

The honest answer is no. Activism on a singular level does virtually nothing to the outcome from a longterm perspective. And this is because, most of the terrible things being imposed on humans, all other living creatures, and the environment to which we all inhabit are all a symptom of a far bigger single problem. It’s very cliche in the World of Alternative media to talk about ‘connecting the dots’, implying that everything is connected, however, it is. Human society is little different to the Human body, with the society being the body and the society being its billions of living cells.

It’s very cliche in the World of Alternative media to talk about ‘connecting the dots’, implying that everything is connected, however, it is.

Human society is little different to the Human body, our body is made up of billions of individual cells who all need to work together in harmony in order to maintain a healthy body, much like in order for human society to maintain peace and happiness the billions of individual humans needs to work together in harmony.

If we attempt to solve our health problems by fixing the symptom without thought for the cause, we are likely to never prevent the symptom from reoccurring and it will likely worsen. Any good doctor will look at the body systemically, everything as part of a bigger structure, interconnected and bi-directionally reliant. This applies also to activism.

If we tackle a single issue such as Fracking, no matter how much we focus our time and efforts into the activism we will make little difference to the overall fracking operations taking place Worldwide.

Root out the ‘Cause’ of the Problem

It’s very important to understand the reason why so many injustices are occurring in Human society and to the planet we share. It’s because a very small number of people control the direction of this World’s future and our problems are their plans, implemented. The power structure as we officially are led to believe contains Government at the top end with a singular leader sitting directly above and then far at the bottom we have prisoners with everyone else in-between possibly ordered by wealth. This, however, is entirely false.

The government, in reality, sit only slightly above everyone else holding a very minute amount of power within the structure, the majority, around 99% of all power is held by a just a very small group of people.

This small number of people come from a small number of different families who have held positions at the top of power structure for Centuries with very little room for newcomers and rarely losing their place at the top, probably the most well known are the Rockefeller family, Rothchild family and the Carnegie family.


Systemic Activism

The only reason such a small number of people have managed to maintain dominance on the majority human populous of the World is through secrecy and its careful ongoing management of human society. Under normal circumstances, without psychological or toxicological intervention a group of 20 people would not accept being controlled and enslaved by a single person, majority rules, right?

But with the use of cleverly contrived psychological agendas imposed on the people it is easy to maintain control. Probably the greatest creation to achieve this was money, and then improved further with the introduction of fractional reserve banking. This enables a self-sufficient control system within society, ensuring no one has the ability to breach the already established power structure. In the following clip Fractional Reserve Banking explained at it’s most basic level:

Also to maintain a level of compliance and obedience within society it’s important to control the education that the populous receive, by carefully designing and controlling the information that your populous are exposed too, you reduce the risk of an uprising within the society.

The majority of people live in a fictional reality, constructed by psychopaths who have ruled the World for centuries and have every intention of continuing this dominion over us all. Humans can be easily controlled and directed by exploiting the fear emotion, by creating a manufactured threat you can generate fear in society and thus manipulate the choices and decisions they are likely to make. We have seen this over and over again in recent years with the ‘War On Terror’, using the threat of non-existent enemies in order to get public acceptance of restrictions on personal freedoms and the Warring on foreign lands.

So in order to tackle the problem of Genetically Modified Foods, Fracking, Corporate Greed, Vaccine Safety, Privacy infringements, Deforestation, Ocean dumpage, Political corruption, destruction of native lands, animal cruelty, slavery, war, racism, equality, and all the other issues we are confronted with on a daily basis we need to attack the cause, the rotting backbone of our global society.

If we focus all our efforts on a singular issue we will achieve very little, we must root out and expose the cause. We need to share our knowledge of our fake reality far and wide, by all means, continue spreading information about specific issues but never become obsessed on a single symptom, as it is the cause that needs to be rectified in order to make any real long term change. I’ve personally attended many protests for various issues and in just about every case I find the majority of those

I’ve personally attended many protests for various issues and in just about every case I find the majority of those organising the protest and most of those attending have little knowledge outside their area of focus. Listening to someone preach about GMO’s while they smoke their Golden Virginia and sip on a diet coke is nothing short of embarrassing to experience.

We must look at the big picture, we must widen our focus to everything else and how they all connect.

By taking a Systemic approach to Activism we can really make a difference.

What real change can we make?

Making a difference really isn’t as hard as you’d expect. No megaphones or banners required although these methods do have their place in activism. The most effective way we can change the World for the better is by talking about your beliefs and opinions, share your knowledge on who is behind the darkness that seeps through the very pores of human society. Social media allows us to reach hundreds and potentially thousands of new minds every day.

Speak to your neighbors, speak to friends and family – do not force feed them with information that may be too much for them, assess their current understanding of how the World works and gently expose them to a little of what you know. A little bit of good, credible information is far better than a ton of far out, unvalidated information. The human mind is a curious mind, give them something good to nibble on they’ll soon go searching on their own for more.

Another very important way in which we can make a difference is with our wealth. Where you spend your cash and what you spend it on is very important. Try to avoid giant corporate entities, shop local, avoid storing large sums of money in Banks.

The best vote you can place on your electoral ballot paper is a non-vote. Even better would be if a Countries majority could agree on a mutually agreeable statement to write on the ballot paper. For example ‘No More’ or ‘We need change’. The western democratic political system is fraudulent, non-democratic and not a viable method of managing society in the interest of it’s populous.

Educate yourself further and be willing to change your opinion or beliefs. Very little is ever known as fact, more often than not we have to base our belief on information which has been distributed by another, and therefore it always has the potential to be false information, either by misunderstanding or intentional deceit.

Most importantly don’t give up, don’t feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of suffering and evil in the World. We all have the ability to change the World

We all have the ability to change the World into a better place.

“Rise like Lions after slumber, In unvanquishable number- Shake your chains to earth like dew, which in sleep had fallen on you, Ye are many-they are few.” – Percy Bysshe Shelley



Ceribalius is a pseudonym used by one of our writers, he/she is a digtial nomad and dedicated fighter of freedom and liberty. If there is something that needs saying which no one else is, he/she is the one to do it.
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