Why You Might Want a ‘Fake You’

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Freedom Fighters, Anarchists and Libertarians alike all ultimately are fighting the same enemies, we may all stand proud for what we believe in and strive to make the necessary steps to make this World a better place for future generations to live in – but whether we like it or not our ability to do good is likely to be hindered by those powers we strive to take down.

The Trojan Horse Social Media

Social Media has changed how we communicate, it has literally reshaped our society into something vastly different to what it once was. However, it has come at a price. Our Privacy.

It is becoming increasingly clear that our lives online have built character profiles for each and every one of us, we are all personally defined by our data and our lives offline are being judged by our lives online. In the past couple of weeks, we have heard how the US will now be requesting the social media accounts of anyone applying for a Visa. Employers are now checking up on their employees and potential new recruits through social media. Our online activity is quite literally defining who we are to the rest of the World.

In a not too distant future, our own Governments will use this data to decide what we can and cannot do, what level of public services are offered to us, where we can travel, the amount in state benefits we can receive and much more. China’s Social credit scoring system, as totalitarian as it may sound will become a widely accepted practice in the Western World. After all, most will simply justify it under the basis that if you’re a good citizen you have nothing to worry about. Right?

If you want a glimpse of how our future may look in the not too distant future you only have to see this episode of Black Mirror, though fictional it is in our opinion a very likely World we could find ourselves living in.

Fake You, Real You

It would be careless to ignore where this is going and assume you are immune to the potentially detrimental affects of social media profiling. It would be prudent to create an online version of yourself which will ticks all the right boxes and displays all the desired characteristics of a good government supportive citizen.

Your fake you should be your primary social media accounts, using your real name, real images, senseless images of your food, pets and new car. Stay away from politics, avoid at all costs any negative actions of any Government or corporate entity. Keep it simple, keep it dull and be the sheep they want you to be.

Meanwhile the real you can still exist in the shadows, using a different name, using VPN’s. If at all possible avoid showing your true rebellious self on Facebook at all, even under a different name unless your exceptionally good at covering your tracks. You will need to entirely separate the Fake You from the Real You. All these companies record the locations and computers used to access their platforms, multiple accounts using the same location and computers will be automatically associated and under times of scrutiny your real you will be identified for who it is.

Activism is important, we must keep it going, we must continue to ensure the crimes of others are spread far and wide, but you cannot be effective if your plunged under a veil of oppression because of your actions. Keeping up appearances has never been so important.

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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