Amazon Remove Anti-Vaccination Content

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Amazon remove anti-vaccine content

The war against our freedom of speech and choice was stepped up a notch on Friday following a letter from Congressman Adam Schiff which was sent to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, telling him “that Amazon is surfacing and recommending” dangerous anti-vaccine content to its consumers.

While some books on the subject are still available from Amazon the majority of them and just about all documentaries were removed from the site including ‘Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe’.

Adam Schiff had previously written letters to both the head of Facebook and Google resulting in both companies making changes to their community standards and terms of service to quash the anti-vaccine narrative.

While clearly this is an attack on those that provide information negating the safety and effectiveness of vaccines it is, at the same time a direct attack on our freedom of speech and ultimately, if they have their way, choice.

Whats makes this whole situation more frightening is the overwhelming amount of support from the general public. Long gone are the days when the Liberal political left, the freedom fighters and new age hippies stand up and fight against authoritarian regimes and questionable medical practices, gone are the days when these people refused to think what they were told to think and follow the rules expected of them.

Clamping down on dissent and disobedient individuals seem to be something these new state-owned liberals advocate for with the utmost priority.

With an abundance of pre-made memes at their fingertips to help them respond and post content making their point heard, without actually requiring an ounce of personal intellect, social media is awash of outright hatred for anyone who offers a narrative different to the socially acceptable one they have been brainwashed to believe.

Don’t expect the pressure to ease of anytime soon, expect this to just be the beginning of what maybe the beginning of all out civil war.

Join us and and millions of others in the fight for freedom, please speak up, don’t shy away from letting your opinions be heard. Please leave your comments below, please subscribe to our newsletters and help us stay heard by sharing any content that resonates with you.

What we do now will determine our future and our children’s future as we know it.



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