Leaving the Matrix

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As I sit here considering the next atrocity to write about, and next piece of information I’d like to share with you, I found myself wondering if there are better ways in which I could use this platform upon which I write.

The reality in which we appear to be trapped in is becoming more insane and confused by the day, the masses are becoming more enshrined in the manufactured madness that is being persistently fed to us from above. And while it is all well and good to understand that our society is engineered by those who seek power – does this knowledge alone allow us to escape what essentially is a World akin to Neo’s Matrix?

Have you ever stood and stared at it, marvelled at its beauty, its genius? Billions of people just living out their lives, oblivious.

– Agent Smith, The Matrix

Step One – Acknowledgement

So before we can free ourselves from the chains of this perpetual enslavement we need to acknowledge it, we need to accept it. The vast majority of people ‘believe’ they are happy with their nine to five job, with their X Factor on a Saturday night, and dreams of that next slightly bigger house than the one they are in now. Most will argue that ‘We’ve never had it so good’, in fact most would say ‘We in the west are very lucky’ – But are we, are we truly lucky, or are we living our lives in carefully constrained box, are we more like prisoners held captive by the security our box offers and the fear we are being fed about what stands on the other side of our precious box?

When your heart beats its last, when your lungs take their final breath, will you be content that the life you led was lived to the best of your ability?

There are many constructs within our society designed specifically to enslave you and keep you captive. But their power is only as effective as you allow it to be, most of the power they hold is an imaginary power in your mind, placed there by indoctrination from birth.

Step 2 – Letting Go

You are kept captive by the matrix in various ways. The first thing you need to understand is your Government is not your friend, they do not work for you, they have no intention of making your life better and never will do. Those who seek such power will never place the interests of others over themselves, sad though it maybe, this is the nature of power seeking humans. Leave politics aside, see it for the theatrical stage show that it is.

Now while we can disconnect ourselves from politics emotionally, we still have to consider the laws to which they enforce, because of course being stuck behind prison bars would defeat the point of this exercise.

It is important however to understand the Laws for what they are, control mechanisms for their own power structure. Taxation is a prime example of this, the idea that between 20 – 90% of what you earn should be handed over to your Government is ludicrous. If you can legally avoid such draconian laws, then do so, it is theft after all.

The modern age has seen these tools of captivity become ever more complex, the latest and probably most effective tool out there is in about 90% of the populations pockets – The Smartphone.

This little device tracks you, listens to you, watches you, tells you what it wants you to know, tells you what it wants you to buy, shows you the people it wants you to see, feeds you news stories it wants you to see. The Smart phone is the greatest social engineering tool the World has ever seen, prior to the Smart Phone such engineering of society was done at a collective level, the smart phone however, allows social engineering at an individual level and can adapt in realtime to the whims of those in power.

Ditch your smartphone, or at the very least begin switching them off when they are not needed, leave them in the car. Stop posting everything you do on Social Media, stop taking selfies, stop checking how many likes your latest Instagram post got – it really isn’t making you as happy as you believe it is, I promise!

Now the next one is a hard one, but its possibly one of the most important. Don’t be frightened to leave your Job, so many people get up every morning to drive to work and do a job which they hate, but at the same time fear leaving their job due to the security it offers them. There is something better out there for you, something which will inspire you once more, there are many ways to earn money doing the things you love – but that is a topic for separate post.

The last thing I want you to let go of is money, not literally, but mentally. Money is not inherently bad, in fact its a very useful tool in commerce, however Government issued fiat money is a trap designed to keep you in debt and thus enslaved. Begin looking into other forms of wealth preservation, whether it be Land, Precious Metals or Cryptocurrency. In order to leave their control system you need to do everything you can to disentangle yourself from their tools of enslavement. Of course you’ll still need fiat money to purchase certain things, but at the very least stop saving money in the bank and begin storing your own wealth where only you have access to it. Money in the bank will always be worth less today than it did yesterday.

Step 3 – Live Your Life

Now that you have begun to understand the Matrix for what it is and what it isn’t you can begin building a life outside of the Matrix – There will be times when you need to enter it in order to achieve certain things, but you will be merely a former resident from days gone by, visiting for your own personal gain. And, while your visiting remember to try and wake a few of the permanent residents up from their enslavement, the more the merrier!

Life outside the Matrix is all about Love, Nature and Prosperity, it’s not easy and there will be tough times, after all ‘they’ want you back safely within their clutches – but it can be done and lets face it, once you’ve stepped outside your box, you never willingly reenter it.

Love, Peace & Anarchy!

When you are no longer confined by the Matrix, you can do anything

– Neo, The Matrix


Truth, peace, open mind, love and harmony!We don't do this for money. Truth should never be about money. It's a conflict of interest.Become a part of the awakening.


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