WhatsApp | ‘Intelligence Services Must Have Access To Encrypted Messaging Services’

by | Mar 26, 2017 | Internet, Police State, Privacy, World News | 1 comment

Encrypted messaging service provider WhatsApp is being blamed as a place for ‘Terrorists to hide’. This comes from the UK’s home secretary in the Wake of Londons terrorist attack which has left four people dead and many injured. It is believed the attacker was using WhatsApp just minutes before he began his rampage through Westminster.

BBC News reports:

There must be “no place for terrorists to hide” and intelligence services must have access to encrypted messaging services, the home secretary has said.

Khalid Masood killed four people in Westminster this week. It is understood his phone had connected to messaging app WhatsApp two minutes earlier.

Amber Rudd said she would be meeting technology firms this week.

A WhatsApp spokeswoman said the company was “horrified at the attack” and was co-operating with the investigation.

Then just weeks later WhatsApp is under scrutiny again for being used by another terrorist just prior to his act of driving a truck through a busy crowd.

Problem, Reaction, Solution

Speculation began within minutes of the attack that it was a ‘False Flag’ and with good reason, we won’t go into detail about the huge number of anomalies surrounding the event in this article but regardless of whether this was a staged, planned or triggered event it offers great opportunity for the UK Government to infringe on yet more privacy rights of the people.

It is insanity to believe that making applications such as WhatsApp fully transparent would change anything. If the UK Government actually believe that an alternative method would not exist within minutes of enforcing such changes to current messaging services than they are far stupider than we thought. But, of course, they know this. They have no interest in rooting out terrorists, this is about rooting out dissonance within society.

The attacker Khalid Masood was known to Scotland Yard as a potential terrorist, they had kept tabs on him. So if this is the case it is reasonable to assume they would have already had backdoor entrance to his mobile phone. Again, either Scotland yard are so incompetent in their spying abilities that they cannot perform simple operations like hijacking the suspect’s phone or we are being fed a whole trailer full of lies, the latter seems the most likely scenario.

The UK Government have been illegally spying on its people for years, this is merely a step forward in making their invasion of public privacy (which they already do) legal.

‘State of Surveillance’ With Edward Snowden




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Logic Alan

As pre WikiLeaks revelations, the intelligence services have had access to everyone’s phones for the best part of a decade. This guy was also already on the watch list. Therefore, the logical conclusion is… either spying on people doesn’t work, or that this was allowed to happen / engineered.

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