There Is No Second Wave

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Since the beginning of the pandemic a second wave was warned, in fact it was all but promised. So it should come as no surprise that now we are seeing the second wave upon us. But let me clear, it is fabricated, a hoax, an outright lie.

The UK Prime Minister Boris ‘bumbling’ Johnson said yesterday:

“We’re looking very carefully at the spread of the pandemic as it evolves over the last few days and there’s no question, as I’ve said for several weeks now, that we could expect [and] we are now seeing a second wave coming in.

“We are seeing it in France, in Spain, across Europe – it has been absolutely, I’m afraid, inevitable we were going to see it in this country.” – The Express[1]

This second wave hoax was planned from the beginning, there is no second wave, increased testing, yes, second wave, no.

The Cases Scam

You will have noticed that over the past couple months a subtle shift has been made in how the pandemic data is presented. You’ll remember initially we were seeing daily death tolls, all the emphasis was on death, with cases as a side note.

Now the emphasis is on cases, deaths are the side-note, if indeed they are mentioned at all.

Let’s just have a quick look at the UK charts for Cases and Deaths:

UK Daily New Coronavirus Cases[2]

UK Daily Coronavirus Deaths[2]

You can see clearly from these two charts how this Second Wave scam is being propped up, cases, not deaths.

So what exactly do they mean by cases?

Well, firstly they do not mean cases, they mean positive results from the PCR testing. This is a very important difference that we need to acknowledge.

A case should be someone who has COVID19, which is the disease that a small minority of people come down with when infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

So really when they state ‘Cases’ they really mean ‘Infections’, but as I pointed out above, they are not even necessarily infections as the numbers are based on positive results from the PCR tests.

Increased Testing Equals More Cases

Has anyone noticed that the more testing that is carried out per day, the higher the daily cases count is?

It’s not rocket science, however it does seem this obvious logic has been missed by most. If you test more people, you get more cases.

Let’s not forget the risk of serious complications from the SARS-CoV-2 virus for the majority of the population is around 0.1%, and that’s a very cautious estimate. The risk to a healthy individual in their middle years is far less than this, and for young children it’s close to 0%.

So who cares about ‘Cases’ or to be more accurate ‘Infections’. Surely we should be looking at Deaths and Hospitalisations?

Matt Hancock has stated that hospitalisations are doubling every 8 days, the following chart from the NHS appears to back up this claim.

However, as the government induced panic and fear spreads throughout the population, I would expect more hospitalisations. Whether they needed hospitalisation is unknown and will likely never be known.

But even with this small increase in hospitalisations, which could be argued as a reactionary symptom to the government induced fear, it’s not exactly signalling a second wave.

Positive Test Does Not Equal Infection

Finally, the tests used to identify if someone is infected or not with the SARS-CoV-2 virus are extremely inaccurate, producing both false positives and false negatives.

‘If you test 1000 people at random, latest ONS figures estimate 1 will have the virus, and let’s assume you find them. But with an FPR of 0.8%, that’s 8/1000, and so you expect to find 8 false positives. That’s 9 positive tests, only one of which has the virus .’

But also with the huge data collection blunders that have been exposed in the UK, the numbers don’t equate to individual cases. It has already been reported that one person who had multiple positive tests could all be counted as unique cases.

Tens of thousands of Covid-19 tests have been double-counted in the Government’s official tally, public health officials have admitted.

Diagnostic tests which involve taking saliva and nasal samples from the same patient are being counted as two tests, not one.

The Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England each confirmed the double-counting. – The Telegraph[3]

Data collection has failed time and time again throughout the pandemic, so knowing what we know we have to ask ourselves, do the numbers actually represent anything in the real world?

It’s all about control, it always was

From the very beginning, this pandemic has been about control and governance reform. The threat from a contagious disease is no more dangerous today than it was last year or ten years ago.

I have said from the very beginning that this was never about a virus, it is about removing further freedoms from the population. Unless we refuse to comply things will never be the same again, not ever. Social distancing, Facemasks, frequent lockdowns, increased surveillance, immunity passports, curfews, the whole shebang will be embedded in our society indefinitely.

The Second Wave is a scam, a fraud, a lie – please understand this.

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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Great piece which highlights just what so many people are waking up to. We need more journalists doing this truth-revealing work. I will be recommending to my friends and contacts as the BBC is turned into a lies and propaganda machine.

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