UK Holds Freedom to Ransom To Increase Coronavirus Vaccine Uptake

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Freedoms, Government, Health, World News | 3 comments

If large numbers of people of the right cohort, those who are at most at risk of COVID infection, do not get vaccinated, then the restrictions will have to remain and we will not be returning to normal until the vaccination is in place.[1]

Kate Bingham, chair of the government’s vaccine task force in the UK, made some worrying statements this week as she points the finger of shame at anyone who questions the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

She said:

“Vaccination has been an incredibly positive force for good in global society and they are not helping themselves or others by pushing an anti-vax message,”[1]

I’m interested to know what evidence she has to back up such claims, oh, ok this must be the evidence:

We are now living in a world where we don’t have millions of children dying in childhood.

The last case of smallpox was in the 1970s. Polio is now very rare.[1]

Apparently she missed the well-known fact that the largest attributing factor in reducing disease Worldwide has been clean water and sanitation.

I will also assume she hasn’t looked into the history of smallpox or polio, because in both cases there is little to suggest that the lack of vaccines was the reason people were dying. Nor does the data suggest vaccines were the reason for the decline in these diseases.

But a controversial topic like this is far too long to be had here, but I’ll get to it in a future series of articles.

Moving on, she went on to say:

Vaccination has had a massively positive benefit to society and if we get large numbers of people vaccinated then the restrictions we are all currently facing will stop and we will return to normal.

But conversely, if large numbers of people of the right cohort, those who are at most at risk of COVID infection, do not get vaccinated, then the restrictions will have to remain and we will not be returning to normal until the vaccination is in place.[1]

So what Kate is trying to say is, if you want your freedom back, you need to get vaccinated. Good old-fashioned blackmail!

There is one major problem with this approach, firstly we don’t yet have a vaccine, but more importantly when we do it will be largely untested for safety.

And yes, I know the media are celebrating a couple of the coronavirus vaccine trials, claiming that they are safe and create neutralizing anti-bodies.

The first findings from a human trial to develop a coronavirus vaccine have shown it is safe and induces a “strong” immune reaction.[2]

But in reality a safety study with a small handful of people, over a period of just a few weeks can not determine safety of any product. Nor does a “strong” immune reaction equate to “it works”.

Previous attempts at making a coronavirus vaccine didn’t work out quite so well, as this video explains:

So if I’m understanding this lady correctly, she is suggesting that the population of the UK cannot return to any sense of normality, as in no muzzles, no social distancing and obviously no singing or shouting in pubs, until a large proportion of the population accept a relatively untested vaccine.

Now, how do you feel about that? Leave your comments below.




James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.


  1. Murray

    I am 66, extreemly fit and healthy because I choose to be so, and would welcome being infecred by the so called Corona virus so as to benifit everyone via herd immunity. So far I have been unable to get it. What puzzels me is how can they produce a vaccine for a virus that is only assumed to exist. There was fluid taken from 4 dead people in China and the found rna similar to rna in sars2. Corona 19 virus is not scienticly proven to exist, it is an assumption. There are several other posibilities for what people have died of. So what is the vaccine for? That is what worries me.

    • Stephanie Elliott

      Hi, fit and healthy 66 year old. Well , that’s the million dollar question. The numbers are so rigged anyone with a brain cell and the internet could check it out( look at the PCR test, never meant to be used as a diagnostic tool)The recording of deaths, see uk Corona virus Act.Thats a farce. Maybe people like you and me need to be changed into extremely ill dependant individuals not required after the great reset needing multiple mRNA whatever( I can’t call them vaccinations)which will finish us off with a huge cytokine storm from a cold, alias Coronavirus.Lets face it, the pension pot is empty.

      • James Allard

        You raise a very good point, the pension pot is indeed empty. The global financial system was poised to collapse anyway. Whether by design or simply a convenient opportunity, this pandemic may have saved the day. Well, for the state at least.


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