US Begin Social Credit Scoring All Visa Applicants

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Freedoms, Government, Social Media, World at War | 2 comments

The United States is now requiring that nearly those seeking a visa will be required to provide personal details about their social media activities.

But thats not all, as well as all current social media account details they will also be asked to provide all past email and phone numbers. These new requirements are expected to affect about 15 million foreigners who seek US Visas each year.

The Trump administration proposed the changes back in March of 2018 but are only now going into affect. These new strict measures are part of the U.S Governments expanded “extreme vetting” process for all immigrants and visitors. Diplomatic or official Visa applications will be exempt from these new requirements.

In addition, those requesting U.S. visas will be asked to give past email addresses and phone numbers. The new requirements are expected to affect about 15 million foreigners who seek U.S. visas each year, the Associated Press reported.

As our lives become more and more embedded into the digital World, expect our Governments, employers, schools, healthcare services, insurance providers, retail outlets and everything inbetween to begin requesting such information and using it against you in a Chinese social crediting style system. Those who behave well in accordance with the rules will be cared for appropriately and allowed greater freedoms – those who do not conform will find their lives heavily restricted.

Further Reading: NY Times


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  1. Visa Applicant Scoring

    Social media has been part of our life. Important contacts are there. Many use it for business purposes that’s why it’s for many visa applicants to surrender their accounts.

    • Samual Griffin

      I’m not sure I quite understand you, are you saying because much of our social activity is based online through social media that this somehow justifies the US Governments requirements for it to be handed over in order to gain entry to the US?

      If so, well, i’m speechless.


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