England National Lockdown Commences November 5th – What Would Guy Fawkes Do?

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Well, it happened. Boris Johnson announced the new 4-week national lockdown, which is to begin on Thursday 5th November.

The new rules are as follow:

  • People are being told to stay at home unless they have a specific reason to leave, such as work which cannot be done from home and education
  • And people are also allowed to leave home for exercise medical reasons, food and other essential shopping and providing care for vulnerable people or for volunteering
  • Meeting indoors or in private gardens will not be allowed
  • But individuals can meet meet one other person from another household outside in a public place
  • Pubs, bars, restaurants and non-essential retail across the nation will close but takeaways and click-and-collect shopping can remain open
  • Leisure and entertainment venues, including gyms, will also close
  • Construction sites and manufacturing workplaces can remain open
  • People are still allowed to form support bubbles
  • Children can move between homes if their parents are separated
  • Clinically vulnerable people are asked to be “especially careful” but people are not being asked to resume shielding

If your pub, club or restaurant survived the last lockdown, this will probably be the nail in the coffin for you.

Neil Ferguson, the man behind the doomsday pandemic models which turned out to be useless, and the man who didn’t even bother to abide by his own recommendations of lockdown, instead decided to secretly sneak in his little hottie for a fumble in the dark, well apparently he still has his hands in the pandemic pie:

Prof Neil Ferguson, whose modelling was crucial to the decision to impose the first lockdown, said keeping universities and schools open meant infections would decrease more slowly this time.

He said the new restrictions could reduce cases by anywhere between 20% and 80%, adding that he hoped larger groups of people would be able to gather by Christmas “if only for a few days”. – BBC News[1]

You have to love the BBC, ‘Prof Neil Ferguson, whose modelling was crucial to the decision to impose the first lockdown’, right, the modelling that was changed twice, slashing the death count dramatically from ‘Were all going to die!’ scenario too,  ‘Oh, it’s not as bad as we thought, but were locked down now anyway so lets just pretend it’s still really bad’ scenario.

But what was that he said, ‘he hoped larger groups of people would be able to gather by Christmas “if only for a few days”‘, now that’s quite a telling statement of what we have in store.

Behave well and you might get to see your family at Christmas ‘if only for a few days’, then ladies and gentlemen back to lockdown, which I’m sorry to be the scrooge of fake pandemic, will happen.

So tell me this, what will you do?

Are we going to just do as we are told like good little girls and boys, or will we decide enough is enough?

I know what Guy Fawkes would have done…….


  1. bbc.co.uk
James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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