Britain’s Historic Child Abuse & the Islands of Terror

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St Helena

Saint Helena is a tropical island of volcanic origin in the South Atlantic Ocean, 4,000 km east of Rio de Janeiro and 1,950 km west of the southern coast of Africa. It is British Territory.


A culture of sexual abuse of children’: Shocking report claims British overseas territory of St Helena is rife with child abuse, domestic violence and sexual exploitation – Daily Mail

Child Abuse on St Helena has been prolific for decades, Children have been sexualised from a young age and Child Abuse is common place on the Island with Sex offenders getting off with fines as small as £50. The Island is in an idyllic location not purely because of its weather and beautiful scenery but in the eyes of a child abuser for its remoteness. The Island has been described as a lawless society where Child Sex Abuse is accepted.

The report- carried out by children’s charity the Lucy Faithful Foundation- was leaked by a whistleblower concerned that the worrying findings are being covered up by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Among the troubling findings it reveals:

  • Saint Helena has a culture of acceptance of child abuse
  • There are a number of serial child sex offenders and serial victims on the island.
  • Female victims of child abuse are dubbed ‘slags’ by islanders and persecuted.
  • Juries only convict the most serious sexual abuse cases
  • Puberty, rather than the age of consent,  is considered acceptable for sex
  • Police are too accepting of older men’s relationships with under-age girls.
  • Brutal sexual conduct is considered the norm on St Helena

This Abuse is Historical but also very in the present.


Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, between England and France. An independent, English-speaking territory with a mix of British and French cultures, it’s known for its beaches, walking trails along cliffs and inland valleys, as well as its defensive castles


The Jersey child abuse investigation 2008 is an investigation into historic child abuse in Jersey. It started in the spring of 2007. Before that, social worker Simon Bellwood had made a complaint about a Dickensian system’ where children as young as 11 were routinely locked up for 24 hours or more in solitary confinement in a secure unit where he worked. 

The wider investigation into child abuse over several decades became public in November that year. It received international attention when police moved into Haut de la Garenne, then being used as a youth hostel.

Two further ‘punishment rooms’ found at former Jersey children’s home


The four chambers were referred to as “punishment rooms” by some victims, who claim children were kept in solitary confinement, drugged, raped and flogged.

The home was dubbed the “House of Horrors” after the remains of a child were found buried in a stairwell on February 23. The investigation at the home, known locally as “Colditz”, may develop into Britain’s worst child abuse scandal.

Jersey police said tests on the remains, which were placed at the site no earlier than 1920, are inconclusive and more will be carried out.

Senior investigating officer Lenny Harper said on Tuesday: “We have now established that there are a further two rooms, and we have received evidence from another victim over the last few days which tells of abuse in one of these two new rooms.

“Room 3 is very like Room 2; Room 4 is similar but may have reduced head room.

“A number of items have been recovered from cellar Rooms 1 and 2, which tend to corroborate the statements of victims.”

Mr Harper could not say what the items are as they may lose “evidential value” if the details are published.

Isle Of White

The Isle of Wight /ˈaɪl əv ˈwaɪt/, is a county and the largest and second most populous island of England. It is located in the English Channel, about 4 mi off the coast of Hampshire and is separated from mainland Great Britain by the Solent.


Isle of Wight serious case review shows ‘decades of abuse’ – BBC News

A former Isle of Wight councillor and Newport parish councillor has been found guilty of sex offences against children today (Friday) following a retrial at the Isle of Wight Crown Court. – Isle of White County Press

Special Branch has photographs of boys bound and gagged in the back of a van off to a “party”on the Isle of Wight, the photos were said to be taken in the 1990s, no one was ever charged for these offences, but child killer Fred West did say that several missing kids would be found there.

The Isle of White has also been a frequent getaway for many VIP’s including the the former prime minister Ted Heath. We could mention many other current Politicians who visit the island regularly however for potential legal issues that may arise from naming them we shall leave this for you to research yourself.


Guernsey, officially the Bailiwick of Guernsey, is a possession of the British Crown in right of Guernsey in the English Channel, off the coast of Normandy


We can confirm that an allegation of historical abuse has been referred to Guernsey Police via Operation Hydrant. Officers are currently investigating this matter, although the case remains in its infancy. This is a complex and sensitive investigation; as such no further details will be released at this time. – Guernsey Police Spokesman

There is very little information on this inquiry at present although plenty of speculation. Again though Guernsey is another island frequented by high profile politicians.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man, otherwise known simply as Mann, is a self-governing British Crown dependency located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title of Lord of Mann.  


Owen, who was head of biology at King William s College between 1971-85, abused pupils, aged between eight and 12 years, in his care from 1982-85 while he was house master of Junior House. The victims described how Owen would walk round the dormitory before lifting up their bed sheets and fondling them. – IOM Today

Isle of Man abuse risk children ‘needs not met’


More than 1,300 suspects, including 50 police officers, have been arrested since US detectives produced a list of more than 7,000 British people believed to have used internet child pornography sites.

On Tuesday another 45 homes were searched and 34 men arrested in the UK as part of Operation Ore.

‘However, it has been highly publicised that people in the Isle of Man have been prosecuted and received custodial sentences for such crimes. They are criminals and we will proactively use any measure, including technology, at our disposal to deal with it.’ – IOM Today

There are also dozens of unanswered questions which Cathy Fox has put together on her blog  [here] including:

Operation Spade appeared to find someone on the island.What did the Manx Police do? How many suspects were arrested and charged, with what result?

Abuse was investigated as part of Operation Cleopatra at Isle of Man Children’s Home, Knottfield, Woodbourne Road, Douglas, which closed in 1983. Who was involved? What happened at the home? What happened in Operation Cleopatra inquiry?

Andrew James Maddrell, a former employee at the Sandcastles nursery in Douglas, had pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a child and making indecent photographs of children. More information is needed on this serious case with very young children

The Harold Brian “Hal” Volante case is confusing.  He coached with the Ellan Vannin Gymnastics Club in Pulrose. He was convicted of indecently assulting several girls at the club. A man who had raped and indecently assaulted children aged two-and-a-half to 12 in the 1960s and 1970s had travelled off island with the club.

Was this also Volante or was this someone else? What happened in Volantes appeal? Was he sacked from the gymnastics club? Why was the other child rapist allowed with the club? Was there an internal investigation at the club?

This article is just skimming the surface of a much deeper and darker side to what happens on these Islands. Satanic Ritual Abuse is prevalent in at least two of the islands mentioned according to many reports. There are claims of Children being taking once a year to Islands around the UK for what is described as a hunting game, the people allegedly involved include Royalty and Political figures.

With what we know now about the British Establishments Sexual perversions for young Children it seems a fairly logical choice of destination to perform their disgusting acts. Remote, Privacy, lots of space – Pedophiles dream destination spots.




Truth, peace, open mind, love and harmony!We don't do this for money. Truth should never be about money. It's a conflict of interest.Become a part of the awakening.


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