Kylee’s Fight – A Medical Kidnapping

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We urge you read the lengthy statement made on Kylee’s Fight Facebook Page, however we’ll attempt to summarize it here:

Kylee Dixon at age 13 was rushed to Providence Portland Medical Center in February 2018 in extreme pain. After eight hours of exams and x-rays, doctors concluded that Kylee had a mass tumour inside her liver that had ruptured. The rupture had caused internal bleeding in her stomach and the doctors at Providence Medical Hospital stated they could no longer do anything further to help Kylee.

What happened next took Kylee to the brink of death and back and as an emergency blood transfusion was required, with potentially the wrong blood type. This continual struggle with Kylee’s failing body went on for some time and we urge you all to read Kylee’s mother Christina’s account of this devastating time, but finally light at the end of the tunnel was nearing.

However, another bombshell was dropped on Christina, Kylee’s previously diagnosed Benign tumour was in fact not benign, but cancerous. Kylee was diagnosed with Kylee with undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma, a rare liver cancer that mostly occurs in children.

Kylee was moved to the Cancer Ward and a gruelling chemotherapy treatment plan commenced, after months of treatment, no improvement – at all and a whole list of failures by the medical team treating Kylee Chritstine decided it was time to get Kylee out, before they killed her.

The six months of chemotherapy that Kylee received at the hospital did not reduce the size of the tumor, it remained the same up until she left the hospital.

“The best way I can describe it is like my kid was on death row,”

Christine, Kylee’s Mother

After 6 long months of chemotherapy, and many malpractice occurrences, and my Daughters life on the line, that she was hanging on by a thin thread, and after many months of research I decided that I wanted to discharge my daughter and move forward with natural path medications!

And So it Begins…..

Six months out of the hospital and using alternative natural treatments, Kylee hadn’t felt as well since before the first night she was rushed into hospital with a ruptured liver.

Over this six month period Kylee’s tumour shrank dramatically, Kylee was back on her feet and things were looking up. That is until Kylee failed to turn up for a scheduled surgery.

Clackamas County Circuit Court issued a pickup order for Kylee and demanded she be placed in the custody of the Oregon Department of Human Services.  

‘The mother has elected to treat the child’s cancer exclusively with CBD oil, which is not a medically recognized treatment for the disease with which child has been diagnosed. It will have no efficacy in treating child’s cancer, and child’s medical team and specialists in paediatric oncology have stated that without further treatment child will die of the disease, which creates a risk of harm to the child. Clackamas County senior deputy district attorney Christine Landers wrote in court documents viewed by KGW 8.

Christine did what any rational mother in her position would do, she packed up and fled with her daughter. Just seven days later their location was found and Kylee was taken from her mother.

Kylee was placed into foster care at this point and Christine was now facing charges and a non-contact order to boot.

During a 2 day trial in November before Judge Heather Karabeika in Clackamas County, it was adjudicated that Kylee become property of the state, and Christine lost her parental rights. The surgery was ordered, for the 3rd time, to take place this month. [source]


Kylee was first placed into a juvenile detention facility where, according to Christine, Kylee was denied the naturopathic treatments and medications to control Kylee’s pain. This caused Kylee to suffer severe withdrawal.  

It is also being claimed that while at this particular facility, Kylee was beaten by other individuals who were also being held in the facility.

Pleas were made to the DHS to have Kylee placed into the care of another family member – Every single family member was refused.

Sexually Abused

If you thought things couldn’t get any worse, think again. Information came to light that Kylee had been molested by her foster parents, the police were not involved in the investigation, the DHS handled the situation and got Kylee moved to a different foster home.

Information came to light that Kylee had been molested by her foster parents

According to a video, Christine received a call from a case worker, December 23rd, confirming the sexual abuse Kylee endured while in foster care.  

The case worker also confirmed Kylee had been moved due to the abuse, but would not give Christine any additional details.  

Today, Christine is still fighting to get her daughter back and stop the life threatening medical intervention that the DHS have ordered to be done to Kylee. You can support Kylee Fight by heading over to the Facebook Page.

Medial Kidnapping by the State

The events that have occurred in regards to Kylee and her mother Christine can only be described as a kidnapping, a medical kidnapping enforced by the state. And this case is by no means an isolated one, there are hundreds upon hundreds of cases just like this not just in the US but all over the western World. Your Children are at risk of being seized if you do not comply, this is the sad truth.

Please support Kylee and her mother Christine in their on going battle to stop the deadly treatment being imposed against kylee or her mothers will, and ultimately to reunite Kylee with her mother once more.

Here are some more examples of how the state are using unjustifiable over reach to kidnap children from their parents:

There are hundreds of videos just like the above on the internet, kidnapping by the state is at epidemic levels in both the US and possibly even more so in the UK.

Brian Gerrish from UK Column has been covering this terrifying crime of child snatching by the state for years, in the following video Gerrish looks into the ever increasing problem of state kidnapping and how the entire system is designed to cover it up. He also asks the questions to why this might be happening.



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