Pentagon’s ‘Brain Enhancer’ to Create Super Human Soldiers

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Pentagon’s 'Brain Enhancer' to Create Super Human Soldiers

In War there has always been an ongoing effort to increase human ability beyond natural capability, hundreds of secret drug trials have been used on the military over the years in an attempt to increase stamina, aggression and strength – most of which ended in disaster. These days a more concentrated effort is being put into how technology can be used to advance military personnel.

According to US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, the Pentagon is developing the equivalent of an external skeleton for the mind. A headset developed by Halo Neuroscience promises “enhanced human operations” by using “non-invasive electrical stimulation” to improve human learning skills.

Sputnik International reports:

The headset was funded by the Defense Innovation Unit (Experimental) [DIUx], an initiative spearheaded by Carter, to improve cooperation between the Pentagon and the Silicon Valley braintrust.

Funded by the Pentagon, a Halo Sport headset will soon be available to the public, after completing successful military tests.

The US military accelerated pilot and sniper training by 50 percent with neurotechnology similar to Halo Sport. We’re bringing these gains to athletics.

“Pulses of energy improve the brain’s response to training, enabling the motor cortex to send stronger, more synchronous signals to muscles. Improved neuromuscular signaling means athletes get more from each rep.”

This brain enhancer will reportedly retail for $649, but street price may vary.

The Human specie as we know it is in a time of transition, everything about our physical self and mental self is being placed under a microscope and tampered with in a laboratory. In a previous article we highlighted how the Company ‘Humaitech‘ are developing technology which will allow your human brain to be transferred to an entirely synthetic, man made body.



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