Over three million signatures call for a second referendum as people fall victim to ‘FEAR’

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Over half a million signatures call for a second referendum as people fall victim to 'fear'

Many people just can’t cope with the results of the referendum yesterday and are calling for a second referendum already. We suspected this would be the case although the speed at which people are begging to be saved is far quicker than anyone could anticipate. Social media is awash with beaten down victims of the referendums remain campaign. They are quite literally terrified of the future they now see before them.

RT Reports:

Despite being set up hours after the result, the petition has already reached its goal of over 100,000 signatures. This means that it must be considered for debate within parliament within a year. 

The petition has been signed by more than 525,000 Brits. Traffic to the site was so intense that it crashed temporarily.

“The site was temporarily down due to exceptionally high volumes of simultaneous users on a single petition, significantly higher than on any previous occasion,” a House of Commons spokeswoman said.

The UK Government Digital Service resolved the problem and the petition is now accessible.

Sometimes to build something better you have to tear down the old and start a fresh, economies will fall and they will rise – your lives may get harder before they get better but for god sake get a hold of yourself people, the World is not ending, the EU was not our saviour, the EU was a noose around our necks and our children. You have fallen victim to the decades of media propaganda and fear mongering, you have become so ‘comfortable’ with the devil on your shoulder, that now he’s gone, your fearful of life without him.

“We’re the ones who’ve got to live with it for a long time, but a group of pensioners have managed to make a decision for us” Mr Phillips, 27 told the NY Times stating he was now ‘Terrified’. This is just how dumbed down many of the younger generations are. Many have the belief that the EU is about Unity and equality – when in fact the very opposite is true.

Someone who love’s freedom and thrives for Unity and peace would welcome the decision to leave the tyrannical EU, to not want this is to not understand what it is and where it intends to finish up.

It’s frightening just how little people research information, but rather accept what is being thrown out over the major media networks. The hypocrisy this generates is immense as the knowledge they accumulate is flawed. A prime example of this is this:

Most of you would agree that the TTIP and all the other secretive Corporate deals that are trying to be negotiated in secret, deals which benefit only big corporations, deals which shift huge amounts of power from state to huge multi-national Corporations, most of you would agree that these trade deals are bad, they should be stopped – and yet if you are pro-EU you are indeed pro-TTIP. The EU is the very definition of Tyranny, with the long term goal of having a small handful of unelected, corporate owned Elites controlling and deciding on the lives of literally billions of people. So if you voted in you actually voted for long-term perpetual enslavement – good work.

So stop crying into your pillows and man up, it’s pathetic, you should be celebrating a victory in freedom not stamping your feet like toddlers demanding a new toy!

Update: The Petition is being investigated for fraud – It’s a Fake!

2nd Referendum Fake

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