The New World Order is Already Here

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The New World Order is Already Here

The talk of a Global Government, a New World Order or NWO as many refer to it as has been a hot topic in conspiracy theorist circles and the alternate media for decades, well, the truth is – Its already here!

Though it may still be in its early stages and its goals are still a long way off a Global Government already exists and is slowly but surely centralising it’s power and bringing the World together under one roof.

The United Nations

The UN was formed in 1945 and has all but a small handful Counties of the World signed up, the organisation is a multi-faceted organisation covering everything from economic policy to foreign policy to so-called humanitarian aid.

They claim to exist to uphold human rights, maintain international peace and security and uphold international law, all seems pretty dandy, right?

Travel Ban

As we said before the final goals of what this organisation ultimately wants to achieve are far off, though not as far as you’d think. New legislation has now been put in place which allows the United Nations to ban individuals from travelling – at their discretion.

According to this guidance from the UK Government:

‘Travel bans restrict the movement of identified individuals associated with regimes or groups whose behaviour is considered unacceptable by the international community. The decision to impose a travel ban is made by the United Nations Security Council by means of a UN resolution. ‘

Humanitarian Threat

Though the UN claims to provide humanitarian aid and maintain peace in it’s members states the fact is this couldn’t be further from the reality of what they do.

A prime example of this is back in 2010 following the devastating earthquake in Haiti where a cholera epidemic hit, the consequences of the UN’s role in this catastrophe actually made matters far worse leaving 10,000 people dead and 770,000 infected.

UN workers were raping those in need at gunpoint and spreading cholera even further. Military checkpoints were setup and a full blown occupation was established. The UN did finally accept their role in this humanitarian catastrophe but failed to accept or take on any responsibility.

It’s alarming to imagine being a poor person in a struggling country with a UN base next to your house. As a citizen of the country you have no say over the UN and your laws do not apply to it. If UN workers rape you, they will not be arrested. That happened in more than 100 cases in the Central African Republic. The perpetrators were members of the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic. “At the last UN checkpoint, there were four peacekeepers,” the victims told Al-Jazeera. “They called me – but I was reluctant to go, then one pointed a gun at me. They pushed me into a thicket and raped me.” [source]

They pushed me into a thicket and raped me.” 

This is not an isolated case, wherever there is enviromental catastrophe or War the UN will be there by their side, occupying it’s lands, raping its people including young children and prolonging the agony these suffering nations must endure.

Probably one of the most horrific genocides in recent times is the The Rwandan genocide of 1994, UN Peacekeepers we sent in to assess the situation, however, they were unauthorised to take any action resulting in the slaughter of almost one million people.

It was later revealed that the UN had a cable sent to them by the Canadian commander of the peace-keeping mission, General Romeo Dallaire. In this cable, it revealed that intelligence had been received from an informant about plans by Hutu forces for the mass extermination of their enemies.

‘He said the plan foresaw Tutsis being killed at the rate of 1,000 every 20 minutes. General Allaire requested permission to take immediate action to intervene and seek out a cache of weapons. The general’s proposals were dismissed by Mr Boutros Ghali’s chief adviser, Iqbal Riza, but signed by Mr Annan. ‘ [source]

The UN’s reign of terror, occupation and incompetence are still ongoing in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq today.

Failure due to Lack of Power

The United Nations are no strangers to criticism from both the mainstream media and the general public and it would seem they have now found the reason for the continual failings around the World, lack of power – of course!

An article from The Guardian in 2017 clearly laid out what is believed to be the reasons for the United Nations failings, there were many factors included in the article, however, the overall conclusion and title of the article itself clearly states where this is heading:

‘Then there are the many constraints placed on a secretary general’s ability to lead. The secretariat is subjected to micro-management by member states through various committees of the general assembly. There is little appreciation of the need for a clear line to be drawn between management and governance. ‘

One World Government

The endgame here is an all encompassing One World Government, or New World Order as many like to call it. As the Countries of the World slowly give away their individual rights and freedoms to larger entities such as the EU and the UN we are heading for one set of rules, set out by a small number of people for the entire population of the World.

This scenario is being promoted through the political theory of socialism, it is being glamorised by a way of ending War and poverty across the World. Those fighting the front-lines for equality and border-less states are well intended but naive sales representatives for this elitist agenda



Ceribalius is a pseudonym used by one of our writers, he/she is a digtial nomad and dedicated fighter of freedom and liberty. If there is something that needs saying which no one else is, he/she is the one to do it.

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  1. deryk

    The NWO is already here, they have subverted our democracies over the last 100 years and run the government, police, medical services and military and education. They have started a clandestine round up of dissidents and lower classes just like the Nazis. They have made deals with as many professionals as they can who agree to sacrifice others to protect themselves and their families at the expense of the working classes. Right now they are mainly killing those who are drug users or homeless but also include anyone who is deemed unworthy of the NWO’s bizarre human rating system. So our professionals hide the murder of innocent people through police and psychiatry. Good Luck Dissidents.


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