This is a War, The Weapon is Fear and Their Enemy is You!

by | Oct 10, 2020 | Government, Health, Pandemic, Terrorism, World at War, World News | 7 comments

It’s October, nine months since the pandemic began, nine months of ridiculous pseudoscience, deception and outright lies. This pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon, I can say this with relative confidence because it’s clear there is no actual pandemic, there never was.

This is something far more concerning than a pandemic, this is a war, it’s a war against you, me and everyone you know.

There are no soldiers in arms scurrying across foreign lands, no military aircraft dropping bombs by night. This war is being fought with one single weapon, fear.

Using fear and relying on the fact that the majority suffer from the most dangerous ‘ism’ of all, statism; lives are being ripped apart on a global level.

This isn’t funny anymore, it’s time to put away the jokes and sarcasm and get real. This isn’t going to end well for anyone, not unless we do something drastic, right now.

What do we know?

This is the essential question we must ask ourselves, what do we know?

Well, we know this:

  • SARS-CoV-2 is comparable to Influenza
  • Labelling COVID-19 as cause of death, does not mean ‘actual’ cause of death
  • Lockdown weakens the immune system at best, kills at worst.
  • Handling of the elderly throughout the pandemic is akin to murder.
  • COVID-19 Testing is a scam, the numbers represent nothing.
  • There is no second wave in reality, only in the state fantasy land narrative.
  • The mainstream media have been complicit in all of this and helped drive the fear into the masses.
  • Your Government does not care about you, not even a little.
  • As the virus wanes, the restrictions just keep on coming.
  • There is no return to normality in regards to freedom.

I’ve supplied no sources or evidence to the above because if you don’t already know these truths, you may as well stop reading now and go back to your nightmare fantasy land.

We know thousands upon thousands of elderly have been locked away for the best part of a year, in total isolation. We’ve watched their health deteriorate and in so many cases we’ve seen them die from starvation of  love & affection from their family and loved ones. This is unforgivable.

We have seen record levels of unemployment across the US and a similar scenario is unfolding across the UK as businesses make redundancies or simply close their doors once and for all.

I’m sick of it, it’s like living in the Twilight Zone. Supermarkets with their safety announcements, ridiculous social distancing measures and facemask mandates are like something from a Stephen King novel.

‘This is a public health announcement: Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we ask you to keep two meters apart from other people at all times. Please use the one-way systems and remember to use the hand sanitizers at the various points throughout the store. Remember to wear your facemasks at all times. Together we can get through this and help to save lives’

Twilight Zone

People are losing their minds, whether from confusion or from fear or possibly both. I’ve seen mothers with their children in shops behaving like they are walking across a minefield. Pulling their children back when someone gets to close, then waiting and moving on. I’ve seen people riding bikes with face masks, driving cars with face masks, even smoking out the side of their face masks.

It’s got to stop, it’s insanity, and I know many of you agree. Even those who don’t speak out against it, those who quietly think it’s ridiculous, but comply anyway, hoping it will all just go away, I know there are millions of you out there wondering when this will just stop.

Well, it won’t go away. It really won’t. When the protocols implemented are protecting you from a threat which doesn’t exist, it isn’t going to go away, as a significant threat was never there.

We are all dying, it’s an inevitable part of life. Without death, life cannot exist. The old will always be prone to death from viruses, bacteria, and other nasties out there. This is the way of the World.

But I ask you this, would you rather spend your last years living alone, afraid to go out, isolated from your children and grandchildren or would you prefer to take a chance, and see and hug your family and loved ones, feel the sun, the wind and the rain on your skin?

I know what I’d rather do.

Don’t fear the virus but more importantly don’t fear your Government. Do what is right and just, not what is expected of you by the state. They do not hold the moral high ground, in fact, more often than not, they sleep with the devil in the pits of hell.

This is it

I think the best action from here is simple non-compliance. We don’t need any weapons to fight this war, just a little self-confidence to stand up for what is right. Meet your friends, as many as you like. Hug a friend in the supermarket, scrap that, kiss them if you want, celebrate love and friendship.

Leave those ridiculous face masks at home, forget the hand sanitizer and walk where you want and in any direction. If you are asked to leave a shop, that’s fine, it is private property and their right to do so. Shop elsewhere.

But remember, everyone is technically exempt from wearing a face mask and with no proof of exemption required, well it shows just how ridiculous the whole thing is.

Forget the politics, media, and the damned virus and live, lead by example, and be the change you want to see in the World. It’s a peaceful, non-aggressive approach which in my opinion is the only way we will end this insanity.

Good luck out there, it’s about to get a whole lot tougher next week – mark my words!

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.


  1. Andrew Hewett

    Spot on, fear is a powerful tool and in the hands of those adept in using it, they will wield it as a weapon of division and compliance. The hardest part is, it’s so intelligently orchestrated, fear the unseen, unproven cause of death, wow, Religions have been made of stuff like this, and so this is where we have a problem, a Cult mindset is being created on the foundations of lies and deceptive half truths. I can not say that “Germ Theory” is a complete pack of lies, looking at TB, I have to say that the reality of “contagion” is likely real, but to my current understanding germs only negatively impact unhealthy environments, hence maintaining a healthy immune system should obviously be the focus towards any person wanting to ward off, any and all, external “viral threats”.
    What’s frustrating though, is having discovered “Terrain Theory” and “exosomes”, I have to say our problems are far from over. People have theorized how this “contagious Covid invisible entity” originated, speculating corruption, speculating China, speculating Fauci etc. and while all the speculating is going on the biggest threat to Global health is ignored. Exosomes look exactly like “viruses”, so much so that one cannot tell them apart, exosomes are solvent expression from cell against toxins. This is how our body cleans out toxic threats to cells.
    Scientists like Dr.Zach Bush MD (triple certified) warned that we would go through a toxic overload problem. One of the main area causing this are the multiple mass swamp feces collections, expressed by livestock which have been consistently injected with antibiotics and steroids, the resulting fumes are airborne. Mass glyphosate crop spaying, too is water-based, making it evaporate and become airborne. 5G is one of those subjects that require a depth of understanding, but more than being a concern against humans directly, for various reasons, the main concern by Global Scientists is how it will effect the insect life on this planet, however, other G’s have been found to be carcinogenic and a controversial look at how deaths have occurred every time when new frequencies have been introduce on the planet, has been documented. The thing is, 5G, even though concerning is one part of the G mix and collection of frequencies our electro-orientated cells are subjected to. Add the feces fumes, airborne glyphosate, Industrial pollution, general stress etc. and exosomes have their work cut out for them. Besides the breathing in of these toxins, we digest many other unhealthy substances. To add further insult to our injury, Glyphosate is killing our Soil and this is the BIGGEST PROPLEM. Healthy Soil absorbs CO2 and with the use of Glyphosate, not only will it ultimately result in dead soil not producing food, but its use will increase our planets CO2 level. After the Fall, leaves shedding, CO2 increases followed by cold air and detoxifying respiratory illnesses. So, you can see by now where I’m going with this, these Invisible Virus Fearporn Agenda based Entities that use these nonsense PCR tests are invested in many areas that ultimately expose our collective vulnerability. Oh! I forgot to mention Chemtrails and I haven’t even begun to discuss Vaccines and their toxicity. We have our work cut out for us, there are cures against this “Covid” , more than one and besides “vaccine truth” needing to be exposed, these cures need to be continuously exposed, because besides the fear being weaponized, censorship of the Truth is just as problematic. This link deals with cures, I have thus far seen to be highly effective – people need to know that the vaccine is not the way. Thanks for your great articles.
    Cures to Stop Covid19 – No Vaccine Required

  2. Jim bellinger

    From day one I’ve not worn a mask.have been asked to leave a tesco queue for voicing my opinion that wasn’t the then government line.told people we are being not a stupid person,I read things and make my own mind up..been saying the same thing to people for months and now so many people have realised there is nothing to fear but fear.wvwry day or week it’s a different rule/law/recommendation/guide line..government slogan..brave new world..1984…lol…if that’s what we are heading towards then we are finished.this is a long rabbit hole the government’s got us running down and there’s a long way to go see the light at the end without custard on their faces..flu season next..bound to be deaths from that.always is.wonder how many are gonna be put down as Corona..and the governments wonderful flu jab is working cos there’s less flu deaths…so much more I could spout but it’s all been said before and the anti Corona groups won’t get media air time cos it’s not what the government controlled media wants us to see.disent is to be quashed.freedom of speech is to be quashed.opion is to be quashed.baaa.baaa.baaa.keep walking down the well trodden corridors into the valley of steel..thank you..

  3. Andrea Ray

    Well said and thank you! we need to be braver and just swim against the tide

    • rich vernon

      well said, the sheeople must wake up! Baaaaa!!

  4. dalip

    It is painfully difficult to read the small grey print on black background for a senior citizen with failing eye-sight. Do consider. Thank you 🙂

  5. Rob

    Great piece and full of the truths so many in this country are thinking. As well as following your advice about how to respond to this hoax, I would encourage people to attend the large protests taking place most weekends in London, as well as organising your own mass protests.

  6. Richard DIas

    I absolutely agree with you. Thank you for speaking out!

    Maybe you could also suggest people sign the Great Barrington Declaration agreeing a no lockdown approach to corona, if indeed it exists at all.


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