Winter’s Approaching – Are You Scared Yet?

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Here in the northern hemisphere the days are beginning to shorten, the mornings are starting to show the first signs that winter is creeping up on us. But environmental changes are not the only signals we have to warn us that winter is approaching, in this wonderful post-covid world we now live in, we have some other major indicators to let us know that winter is indeed coming.

The Plan

The UK Government yesterday announced their COVID contingency plans for this Winter, with the usual bullshittery and bumbling baffonery from Boris and his posse on how “We really want to avoid this…”, and “….only as a last resort”, and “bla, bla, bla-de-bla”. While it is relatively uninteresting, here is a round up of Boris Johnson and gang’s winter wonderland plan:

  • Booster vaccination programme for over 50’s to begin
  • All 12-15 year old’s to be offered first shot of the Pfizer Vaccine
  • People will also be encouraged to meet outdoors or open windows if indoors.
  • People will be encouraged to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed settings, wash their hands frequently, and use the NHS Covid-19 app.

Now that is Boris’ ‘Plan A’, but of course Mr Johnson has a ‘Plan B’,  in the words of the Boris, he has ‘a number of different shots in the locker'(wow, isn’t he so cool?). So here is ‘Plan B’:

  • Communicating clearly and urgently to the public that the level of risk has increased, and with it the need to behave more cautiously.
  • Introducing mandatory vaccine-only Covid-pass use in settings including nightclubs; indoor venues with 500 or more attendees likely to be in close proximity to others, such as music concerts; outdoor settings with 4,000 or more people, such as festivals; and any settings with 10,000 or more people, such as sports events.
  • A legal requirement to wear face coverings in some settings.
  • Advice to work from home.

But of course, it doesn’t end there. Boris states these measures ‘should be sufficient to reverse a resurgence’, but he cannot ‘give guarantees’.

As expected, a slow back tracking on the original ‘There will be no Vaccine Passports’ is already noticeable, Boris bumbles on:

‘We do not see the need now to proceed, for instance, with mandatory certification…… It’s just not sensible to rule out completely this kind of option now when we must face the fact that it might still make the difference between keeping business open at full capacity or not.’ – Metro[1]

Mark my words, Vaccine passports will be introduced, this is an inevitable fact.

Throughout the announcements made yesterday, the main trend was to give all credit to the vaccines. From listening to these people, you might think that without these blessed vaccines we would all be dead, humanity turned to dust:

“…vaccines that have made such a difference to our lives.” – Boris Johnson[1]

Two Arms, Two Shots

Following a vacation to Mars, Influenza is set to return this year feeling refreshed and well rested and ready to strike. So-called experts are predicting a 50% increase in influenza cases this Winter compared to the average, but it is OK – they have a plan!

The Pfizer vaccine will be used as the booster dose for around 30 million people, with experts saying it is safe to be given alongside the usual winter flu jab.

People could be able to get their Covid and flu vaccines on the same day, preferably with one shot in each arm. – Metro[1]

Experts say it’s safe to be given vaccines for both COVID-19 and Influenza on the same day, interesting, one moment while I take a look at the safety trials that backup this statement…… Oh, wait, there isn’t any complete studies. 

So not only are they mass inoculating entire populations with a relatively untested gene therapy product under the guise of a vaccine, they are now throwing another variable into the mix. Good luck with that!

Media Fear Porn Ramps Up

But it didn’t end there. Within what seemed like milliseconds of the announcements finishing, the media was all over it like a rash.

Here is a selection of some of the headlines circulating.

A nice ‘click-baity’ headline from The Telegraph[2]:

Covid winter plan reveals Britain could be plunged back into national lockdown to protect NHS – The Telegraph[2]

and another one here from The Independent[3]:

‘Tens of thousands’ of deaths still possible, but ministers say tough rules are Plan B – The Independent[3]


Bring in measures soon or risk 7,000 daily Covid hospitalisations, Sage warns – The Guardian[4]

Having flashbacks from last autumn yet? A feeling of Déjà vu maybe?

So, in case you forgot, this is how this plays out.

  1. Boris publically lays out what seems like a reasonable plan for the winter ahead – Complete
  2. SAGE respond with warnings, criticizing the Government for lack of caution – Complete
  3. Media increase fear porn for several weeks, Covid stats take centre stage once more – In Progress
  4. A new wave, and likely a new more virulent variant is announced – TBC
  5. Pressure on Boris increases to bring in tougher rules, Boris pretends to hold strong – TBC
  6. Eventually Boris announces Lockdown, vaccine passports and various other measures – TBC

The only part of this plan that may change this year is how lockdown works. With the use of Vaccine passports it maybe decided to have different levels of lockdown depending on the status of your vaccine passport. Though initially I’d expect everyone to be forced into lockdown, with use of the vaccine passports being utilized as part of the reopening process – but we’ll see.

Dark Winter

If you haven’t already thought about the upcoming winter and how you might be better prepared, then now might be a good time to start. With food shortages beginning to filter through, inflation at an all time high, house repossessions growing by the day, wages stagnant and mental health at epidemic proportions, it could get ugly.

Having a good supply of storable foods and ensuring you have the ability to stay warm this winter isn’t being paranoid, it’s being smart.

Whatever happens I’ll continue to narrate the madness as it happens. 

Peace & Love

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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