5G Development Halted in Brussels Over Radiation Concerns

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5G halted in Brussels over Radiation Concerns.

Brussels have halted the development of their high speed 5G infrastructure over fears for the health of their citizens according to the Brussels Times.

The Environmental Minister, Céline Fremault told Bruzz:

“I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not,”

She went onto say that a pilot project is not feasible with the current radiation standards and that she is not willing to make an exception.

The Brussels region has particularly strict radiation standards compared with other regions which have caused telecoms companies issues in the past.

We see this as great news for the citizens of Brussels and hope the that authorities hold strong and continue to reject the roll out of 5G in the area. We have to remember this is a technology that has NO SAFETY STUDIES whatsoever.

The UK Government have recently taken a polar opposite approach to that of Brussels and rejected any concerns of the health and safety effects of 5G technology. A petition was created on the UK’s Government website entitled ‘Launch an independent enquiry into the health and safety risks of 5G.’, the petition received over 15,000 signatures and so the Government had to respond, here are the highlights of their response letter:

‘Exposure to radio waves has been carefully researched and reviewed. The overall weight of evidence does not suggest devices producing exposures within current guidelines pose a risk to public health.’

This is a ridiculous statement to make, firstly any studies on radiation of now years old, based on exposure levels significantly smaller and using frequencies significantly different.

However what was interesting is they did feel the need to refer to this study entitled ‘High Exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation Associated With Cancer in Male Rats’, which concluded that radio waves did increase the chance of cancer in male rats, however, it is quickly disregarded because:

‘….the findings cannot be directly applied to humans for two reasons: firstly, the exposure levels and durations were greater than what people may receive from mobile phones; and secondly, because the rats and mice received exposure throughout their whole bodies, which is different from the more localised exposures humans may receive, as from a mobile phone in their pocket or next to their head..

The fact remains, no studies have been done or are planned to be done on the health and environmental risks surrounding 5G technology.



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