95% of UK Covid-19 Deaths Had Pre-Existing Health Condition

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Government, Health, Pandemic, World News | 4 comments

According to the UK’s NHS data, 95% of those who died from Covid-19 already had pre-existing health issues.

Then when you consider that all people dying with Covid-19 but not necessarily because of Covid-19 also get recorded in the data, it is fair to assume that the 5% remaining deaths could be attributed to another cause. Though we shall probably never know for sure about this.

The UK is not the only Country to show this in the results from the pandemic, Italy saw the same statistics, they determined that 96% of all Covid-19 deaths had pre-existing health conditions.

Euro Weekly News reports[1]:

Health authority data shows nearly 96% of COVID-19 deaths were patients with preexisting medical conditions and the average age of victims was around 80 years old.[1]

While the importance of life is no less for those with pre-existing health conditions, it does raise the question to how Governments around the World have handled this pandemic. Did we really need to lockdown 100% of a population when 95% of them had virtually no risk from the virus?

Would a wiser and more effective approach not have been to spend all that money being spent in Government handouts to those off work due to lockdown on that vulnerable 5%?.

Let them live like kings for a few months while we, the healthy 95% spread the virus far and wide and create natural herd immunity?

As time goes on its becoming ever harder to ignore that this pandemic and the unprecedented measures the Governments from around the World have taken, have been unjustified and deceptive. 

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[1] euroweeklynews.com

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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Russ Gore

The Covid Scamdemic is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated upon the Modern Day Uk,it has been a Psy op from its very beginnings.


Your an idiot! While I am grieving the loss of my loved one I don’t want to hear from someone like you telling me it’s a hoax.

Andy B

I’ve recently lost two friends who were made redundant courtesy of the effects of the Lockdown. Suicide.

Andy B

It’s wildly inflated and I don’t know why. Unless it’s something to do with this ‘mystic woo woo’ Agenda 2030 thing and flogging vaccines. Loads of dosh to be made. Beginning to feel the effects here. Lost two friends from suicide who had been made redundant, courtesy of Lockdown. They seemed to be taking it well. I’m reeling. I fear there will be more.

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