Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Could be Done by Mid August – Any Questions?

by | Apr 18, 2020 | Health, Pandemic, Vaccines, World News | 3 comments

According to a key advisor from the UK Government, the coronavirus vaccine trials could be complete by mid-august.

John Bell told the Radio 4 programme that [1]:

“….if things go on course and it does have efficacy, then I think it is reasonable to think that they would be able to complete their trial by mid-August.”

Now does anyone see the big problem here?

If you do not, let me make the situation a little clearer for you. So according to John Bell human trials have begun at Oxford University this week, it’s now April – so we are looking at a possible 4 month trial for a vaccine they want to offer and possibly mandate in many cases to billions of people.

Most pharmaceuticals receive a 5 – 10 year safety study before its released to the general public, Vaccine however are exempt from this vigorous testing for the obvious reason that if such lengths of time were required to get a vaccine on the market, natural herd immunity will have already sorted the issue.

So the big question is, are you going to be happy with your child or yourself being vaccinated with a product that received such a short-term safety trial?

Though it should be noted that 4 months is actually considered a long trial in the World of vaccine trials, many vaccine safety trials are no longer than just a couple weeks, at best.

If this doesn’t concern you, then maybe we should discuss the previous attempts made to create a coronavirus Vaccine.

While upon immunisation everything appears to be well and good, there has been multiple issues with the immune response once the vaccinated individual comes into contact with the virus. Here is an excerpt from a paper in the US National Library of Medicine [2]:

Both humoral and T-cell-mediated responses to animal coronaviruses may exacerbate disease or cause new health problems. T-cell responses have been implicated in the demyelinization of the brain and spinal cord following infection with neurotropic MHV , a group 2 coronavirus like SARS-CoV.

Adverse humoral responses to another group 2 coronavirus, bovine coronavirus (BCoV), have also been linked to the development of “shipping fever” in cattle . Moreover, previous exposure to FIPV, or passive or active immunization against this virus, a group 1 coronavirus, was found to cause the “early death syndrome” instead of providing immune protection .

This disease exacerbation was due to the virus-specific antibodies that facilitated and enhanced uptake and spread of the virus, causing ADE of infectivity , that is caused by spike protein specific antibodies.

This concern comes from three separate studies, if you’d like to know more we suggest you read the full paper which can be found in the sources at the bottom of this article.

So, i’ll leave with your capable minds to whether you think four months is a long enough period to be sure a vaccine is safe.

We’d love to here your thoughts on this, please use the comments below!


James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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To use a VERY old English expression CODSWALLOP!!! This is a smokescreen that is guiding the public to submit to further and further control, for their “safety”. I think we are in for a battle: FOR and AGAINST mandatory vaccination, unless some truth can get widespread exposure. There seems to be many frightened people who think that a vaccine will save them. The last rushed vaccine that came to market following the scare of SARS virus caused untold (literally) damage to many, many people. Those that were brain damaged or had other neurological destruction, led the UK government to pay… Read more »


Hi James, I couldn’t care less how long the trials for a ‘vaccine’ take – this is just a huge deception and I prefer to believe the information made public by DR Andrew Kaufman – Richard D Hall has also just released a presentation which, as is usual for him, is thorough and the information is gleaned from first hand accounts …
I cannot seriously debate anything to do with a figment of the fascists imagination that has one goal, to lead humanity into total subservience.

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