Doctor Terrorizes Naked Mom of 3 During Exam Over Vaccination Bonus

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Source: The Health Home Economist

Any woman who has had to take off her clothes in a doctor’s office for a physical knows that this is a very vulnerable and sensitive time, particularly if the doctor doing the examination is a man!

Certainly, any male doctor with even a shred of bedside manner would know that this is not the time for lecturing, let alone berating, belittling or otherwise terrorizing, a female patient for exercising the basic civil right, frequently religiously motivated, to make medical decisions for herself and her children.

I have long been aware that pediatricians get bonuses for high vaccine compliance in their practice. But, I was not aware that other doctors were also benefiting from a similar financial incentive. Consider Jan R.’s letter to me this afternoon.

She writes:

‘I had a doctors appointment today. When I saw my [family] doctor the first thing he said was “you cost me some money this month”.

“Oh, how is that?” I replied.

He went on to tell me that he gets a bonus for having a certain percentage of babies vaccinated in his practice. Since I have twins and a singleton, I brought his percentage WAY DOWN and he didn’t get his bonus.

He went on asking again why I didn’t vaccinate, making fun of me, my choices and the whole anti-vaccination movement and ‘hippie, tree-hugging, hairy-armpit’ lifestyle.

I asked if we could have this conversation when I was wearing clothes, since I was only covered by a thin paper sheet after my physical.

He joked ‘well it’s easier for you not to run away this way’.

He kept on about it until I left in tears. I know he felt bad about making me upset, but I don’t feel bad about costing him a bunch of ‘bonus’ money.’

Here’s what a newly minted medical doctor in California says about vaccine paybacks who, for obvious reasons, wishes to remain anonymous given the retribution that doctors are experiencing who buck the government mandated line on vaccines. He personally refuses to give vaccinations due to the financial conflict of interest and his own view that they harm more than help his patients:

It is true that clinics or doctors doing private practice get reimbursed a fee for the vaccinations that they give. They do not get reimbursed very much for patients with Medi-Cal or similar insurances but they do get reimbursed better for vaccinations given to those with private insurance.

At my clinic they actually have separate vaccinations for patients with private insurance versus those who do not have private insurance because they get paid for those vaccinations.

Like the doctor above, fear of ridicule and possible harassment or physical intimidation within her community has caused Jan R. to request that I not use her last name or indicate where this atrocity took place.

How I would love to publish the name and location of the doctor that traumatized this young mother! I know many of you would leave voicemails and send emails of outrage that would hopefully shame this man into better behavior in the future. However, shaming causes us to sink to that level, doesn’t it?

Source: Doctor Terrorizes Naked Mom of 3 During Exam Over Vaccination Bonus | The Healthy Home Economist



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