Let’s Pretend, Just For a Moment, That Face Masks for Virus Containment Work

by | Jul 25, 2020 | Health, Psychological | 3 comments

Just for a moment, let’s pretend that wearing a face mask or covering in public doesn’t do more harm than good and prevents the spread of a virus.

I know it’s a hard concept to grasp; the science seems to suggest otherwise and people pick their noses, readjust, scratch their faces and do a whole assortment of prodding into these facial petri dishes, but try, I beg, just for a moment.

We need to try to approach this topic from the other direction to see if we can understand the logic. If indeed their is any logic behind their circus science.

Stop The Spread

So the spread of the coronavirus has been stopped, or at least severely limited. Now what do we do? If we stop wearing them the whole process begins over again. Are masks for life then? 

I’ll assume they must be, because of course influenza season is just around the corner, as it always is every year. Then there is the next deadly coronavirus, then of course measles outbreaks (when they come back from their strangely timed holiday).

In fact, the World is filled and has always been filled with viruses. Hiding away from them doesn’t make them leave the planet, or have people forgotten we are not the only potential host for viruses?

Are we waiting for the Vaccine? Is that it? A vaccine that may never come, a vaccine that will ultimately if it does eventually come to fruition be no more than 40% effective, if you’re lucky. Will just 60% of people need to wear masks then?

We May Never Be Immune!

You may have seen various headlines come out a little while ago indicating concerns over whether immunity to COVID19 was even possible. You may have also noticed how shortly after these reports got buried and the narrative went away. 

It went away because a) It makes the whole Vaccine solution void and b) Its not true.

This was merely more media fear-mongering based on a few people that had multiple PCR tests over a long period of time and the virus appeared to come and go and then come back.

The reality is this was no more than an example of why the testing for this virus is worse than useless. 

I say worse than useless because we are determining whether someone should be quarantined based on a faulty test and on the flipside, we are basing whether or not someone is safe to be around vulnerable people based on these poor testing methods.

Clowns Rule The World

So it’s a dead end for everything we once knew. There is no going back to a World where the vast majority of the human race isn’t terrified by viruses and each other.

Because wearing a mask merely halts infection rates (well assuming we are still playing lets pretend), but it doesn’t go away, it may mutate, something else more dangerous may come along, but ultimately the World is still going to be filled with microorganisms that can have detrimental effects on your body. 

OK, you can stop pretending now. Now i’ll try to suggest an alternative approach to this whole pandemic, it may contain logic and reason so apologies in advance.

So, we now know that around 95% of people are virtually uneffected by the virus, if this majority portion of the population just operated within society as they always have done, keeping businesses alive, keeping tourism open, keep entire economies moving; meanwhile, this minority 5% group can have all that new money being printed by the BOE right now spent on them, protecting them, giving them everything they could possibly need.

Let them live like isolated royalty until the time comes when our 95% majority are all immune. I believe it’s called herd immunity.

I know, it sounds crazy.

To Mask or Not to Mask

The simple answer is, do whatever you want, just stop with the abuse and public shaming of others who do not share your opinion. Because at this point thats all it is. 

People make the claim that ‘One thing we do know is that masks reduce the spread of infection’, but this is simply not true, we don’t know that at all, so step down from that gallant high horse and quit with this self-policing, public shaming bullshit.

I respect those that believe differently to me, even though there is no logic to their opinion, but nevertheless, it is their human right.

But I have zero respect for these new self-proclaimed society enforcers who seem to enjoy shaming others for not complying with their beliefs. Get over yourselves, by all means feel like the heros of humanity with your social distancing and your facemasks, i’ll even pat you on the back and buy you a milkshake if you want; but, keep your ‘new normal’ circus science based opinions to yourselves.

OK, I feel better now.

Please leave abuse and comments if you have them below.

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.


  1. Diane

    I’ve yet to hear from anyone who can answer this one simple question: If masks are so safe and risk free, why are there so many medical exemptions?

    • James Allard

      Exactly. If there was no issue whatsoever, as we are led to now believe in a post-covid world. Then it really should not matter what your condition is.

  2. STtToad

    It always should be about personal responsibility. My body my choice.


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