Meet the Babies in Your Next Vaccines

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We all know about the Planned Parenthood videos through the Center for Medical Progress that showed how live, fully intact fetuses have been harvested for aborted fetal research.

Who are these babies who never received a name and are only known by a number?

WI-38 (Girl)

WI-38 was developed from the lung tissue of a Swedish baby girl, three months gestation. The parents felt they had too many children. The tiny organs were packed on ice and flown to the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia where it was dissected. Used to culture RA273 for rubella and MMR vaccines! (source)

MERC-5 (Boy)

MERC-5 was developed from the lung tissue of a 14-week gestation male baby in the UK. (source)


The story of the Rubella vaccine is a bit more grim. It involved not one, but 27 abortions. Twenty-seven to isolate the virus, and then it was cultured in WI-38 (see above).
Taken from the lung of a 3 month gestation aborted baby.

Stanley Plotkin, vaccine developer, would later reveal that 40 more babies were aborted after RA273. Thus 67 separate abortions were involved in the research and final production of the present-day rubella vaccine. (source)

Is the RA273 rubella immunization a cause of chronic fatigue?

WALVAX 2 (Girl)

Taken from the lung tissue of a 3-month gestation baby girl who was ultimately selected from 9 aborted babies.

The scientist’s induced labour using a “water bag” abortion to shorten the delivery time and prevent the death of the fetus to ensure live intact organs. This is going to be the New MMR. Used to replace the current MERC-5 and WI-38 (above) which are depleting.


Developed in 1973 from aborted baby kidney cells genetically engineered combined with adenovirus. 293 is the number of the experiment..

IMR-90 and IMR-91 (Girl)

Using lung and skin from 2 female babies.


Called a “human designer cell”, PER.C6 is from an isolated retina of a baby about 18 weeks gestation. It provides a manufacturing system for the production of influenza vaccines, as well as ebola, HPV, malaria, HIV, and others. This cell line was made to be ‘immortal’ but failed.

WI-26 VA4 (Boy)

All I could find on this one is that it’s derived from the lung tissue of an aborted Caucasian baby boy. (source)

Regardless of your views on the efficacy and safety of Vaccines, there is an ethical question we all really need to consider when deciding whether we want to use these products.

Are you OK with newborn babies being harvested alive without anaesthetic?



Ceribalius is a pseudonym used by one of our writers, he/she is a digtial nomad and dedicated fighter of freedom and liberty. If there is something that needs saying which no one else is, he/she is the one to do it.
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