Mainstream science shocked that plants may be the answer to fighting Cancer

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Mainstream science shocked by revelations that Plants may be the answer to fighting Cancer

The Chinese skullcap is traditionally used as a treatment for fever, liver and lung complaints.

Previous research found compounds called flavones, found in the roots, not only have beneficial anti-viral and anti-oxidant effects, but also killed human cancers while leaving healthy cells untouched.

In animal experiments the flavones halted tumour growth.

“It’s exciting to consider that the plants which have been used as traditional Chinese remedies for thousands of years may lead to effective modern medicines.”

It is exciting, but it’s also common knowledge to many. Millions of us have been excited for years over the amazing results shown by healing Cancer with nature, but at the same time all those that offer natural treatments have been discredited and deemed ‘quacks’.

It is incredibly frustrating to see mainstream science and the media getting all excited over something which has so many times been dismissed and laughed at by the very same institutions.

Of course it will not be profitable for the pharmaceutical industry to just hand out Skullcap root and other plant based medicines, they will need to repackage it somehow whether by genetic modification or extraction and manipulation of the organic material.

We highly recommend watching ‘The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest’ – The nine part series begins on April 12th 2016 and is free for all, visit their website [here] for more details.

Here is a small excerpt from the series featuring Sayer Ji talking about the deceptions of Breast Cancer screening:

 References: The Express



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