Spanish Official Apologizes For Trying to Disinfect Beach With Bleach

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So you have a virus that dies in sunlight, dies in water, dies even quicker in salt water and doesn’t like temperatures above 16 degrees. So of course the beach is going to be your primary concern, particularly in spain with summer emerging.

And as everyone knows, when you want to clean a beach, you just use bleach!

The New York Post reports[1]:

A Spanish municipal official has come under fire by environmentalists after spraying a beach with diluted bleach in a misguided attempt to protect people from becoming infected with the coronavirus, according to a report.

Agustín Conejo last week sent tractors equipped with sprayers along part of a beach in the southern village of Zahara de los Atunes in preparation for children after six weeks under lockdown, the Guardian reported.

“I recognize it was an error,” Conejo told local broadcaster Canal Sur, the UK news outlet reported. “But it was done with the best of intentions.”

I think the very fact that this was done with best intentions maybe more concerning than if it was done with the intent to do harm. Agustín Conejo has basically admitted he has no clue what he’s doing and thought that spraying a beach with bleach was a good idea.

The aritcle continues:

Environmentalists slammed the decision to disinfect the beach with bleach.

“It’s totally absurd. The beach is a living ecosystem. And when you spray it down with bleach, you’re killing everything you come across,” María Dolores Iglesias Benítez told the news outlet.

If you’ve only just made it to this weeks latest on the corona-circus, don’t forget to see UK’s health secretary Matt Hancock showing just how knowledgeable he is on the very tracing app and its usage protocol that he himself is implementing in the UK.



James Allard

James Allard

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