Squarespace Shuts Down America’s Frontline Doctors Website

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Activism, Censorship, Freedoms, Health, World News | 0 comments

The takedown of the website follows several Big Tech platforms censoring a viral video from the group.

Web hosting platform Squarespace has shut down the website of America’s Frontline Doctors without warning.

Frontline Doctors are a group of doctors who have come together to address what they describe as “a massive disinformation campaign.” in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The group held what has now become a viral and heavily censored White Coat Summit press conference in DC where they discussed their experiences treating coronavirus patients and shared their views on the pandemic.

Shortly after the first day of the conference was over and a segment of the conference went viral on social media and YouTube, the content was systematically censored on all platforms.

You can still watch the offending item below: 

Now Squarespace, the hosting provider for the Doctors website has also decided to censor these doctors by removing their entire website for “activity that’s false, fraudulent, inaccurate or deceiving.”

When entire websites can be closed down, you know we have serious problems. This is truly a war on freedom of speech in an attempt to control the flow of information.

I urge everyone, regardless of your opinions on hydroxychloroquine and the comments made by the Doctors in the video, to ask yourself if this is what you truly want for society, for your childrens future.

Censorship is always the first step to tyranny.

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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