The Truth About Operation Moonshoot

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‘Operation Moonshoot’ is the ridiculous name given to the UK’s new Pandemic action plan. The highly ambitious £100 Billion operation intends to roll out daily Covid-19 testing for everyone in the UK.

Leaked documents revealed by the British Medical Journal[1] reveal exactly what this so-called ‘Operation Moonshoot’ is all about, and I’ll just say this, it doesn’t look good.

Mass Testing

The leaked documents reveal a three-stage roll out. With 200,000 to 800,000 tests per day up until the end of November 2020.

The documents show a proposed three-stage rollout. They state that the UK will carry out between 200 000 to 800 000 tests a day between September and December 2020. This may be broken down as follows:

  • 200 000 tests a day on people with symptoms,

  • 100 000 a day on people without symptoms in local areas to suppress outbreaks,

  • 250 000 a day on people without symptoms in the NHS and care homes, and

  • 100 000 a day through national prevalence studies.

From December the testing would increase to between two and four million per day. Covid19 hotspots will endure mass testing of all homes and businesses.

High-risk workers will have further testing on a weekly basis.

The plan states that by early 2021 a “full rollout” will occur, with 10 million tests per day to, I quote “enable people to return to and maintain normal life”.

Weekly testing will be made possible and using a “digital passport” people will have access to high risk events.

To help encourage the public to go along with this circus it has been suggested to use a ‘sanction-based model’, for example, if you get tested you get access to events.

 Digital Immunity Passports

Yes, I know everyone said it was merely a conspiracy theory when we discussed these earlier in the year. Well, now it’s a reality.

Testing for access to certain spaces features heavily in the documents, with reference to “immunity/virus free passports,” likely to be available through an app.

The plans say that testing could be used to “give people assurance that, at least for a limited time, they are unlikely to have the virus and are at low risk of transmitting it to others.”[1]

Once a vaccine for available, it is inevitable that these digital passports will include vaccination status of COVID19, as well as all other vaccination records.

How accurate are the new tests?

Simply put, they are not accurate. 

As the document states:

…new types of test are likely to be less accurate [than PCR], introducing some level of risk.

Exactly how inaccurate these new tests are is not currently known, but we know the existing PCR tests are already very inaccurate, so it if these new tests are even less accurate – well, maybe flipping a coin would be cheaper and more effective?


To summarize what UK citizens should expect over the coming months:

  • Mass testing at work, no test, no job.
  • House to house testing in Covid hotspots
  • Restricted access to services and entertainment unless you are tested.

Operation Moonshoot is basically Operation Tyranny. 

Let me know what you think of all this, if you are a UK citizen let me know how you will be dealing with this. 


James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.


  1. Susan

    Every city and town today should have an active, capable, and well prepared NON-MEDICAL health group to warn the people against the many questionable practices of the medical doctors, because they continue to stage deadly vaccination campaigns, both large and small in all cities across the country every year, but most of them are not investigated or questioned.

  2. Truthclone

    I’ve already written to my MP who doesn’t know the answers to any questions I asked and they’ve written to the Health Secretary on my behalf.

    Good to know those in the same party have little clue about what their boss is up to.

    We can only hope for a Tory revolt which is also what I suggested in the letter!

  3. John.

    Is it in the testing..nano technology…

    See Celeste solum….


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