Mandatory Vaccination Ordered in Parts of Brooklyn or Face Penalty

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mandatory vaccination ordered in Brooklyn

Today the City of New York has taken unprecedented measures to tackle what they are now calling a ‘Measles epidemic’. All individuals within some defined ZIP code areas will need to prove they are vaccinated or have already contracted wild measles in the past, if they don’t meet this criterea they must get vaccinated within 48 hours or face a $1000 fine.

The health order applies to anyone living, working or going to school in four zip-codes in the neighborhood and requires all unvaccinated people at risk of exposure to the virus to get the jab, including children over six months old. [source]

This comes just two weeks after a similar ban was placed upon unvaccinated children under the age of 18 from public spaces in Rockland County. This ban was overturned however a week later.

This ban however seems to be slightly more invasive as if you are unfortunate enough to live in any of the areas stated by the order there is literally nothing you can do, you will either have to get vaccinated or face the penalties imposed.

Despite the Emergency order in Rockland County being overturned, NY City Mayor, Mr. de Blasio said the city had consulted its lawyers and felt confident it was within their power to mandate vaccinations.

“We are absolutely certain we have the power to do this……This is a public health emergency.” [source]

When Did Measles Become So Damn Scary?

This is surely the question many of you must be asking, surely…. no?

Measles seems to have grown from what used to be considered a fairly mild benign childhood disease that you got when your were a child, had a few days of from school, spread it to your friends and neighbours and were good to carry on with the rest of your life.

Since when did a couple hundred cases of Measles in such a large population of people become such an ‘Emergency’ – this continual escalation of fear being pumped out by the Health Authorities and the media is truly frightening to see.

Meanwhile, as we reported earlier today a Super Fungus is spreading across the World infecting well over 1500 in the US alone, killing almost half of all it infects and is currently resistant to any drug we try to throw at it. Candida Auris has was first discovered a few years ago, but all outbreaks are being hushed up by Health authorities.

Why I hear you shout, why would they cover this up? – well, apparently, they don’t want to cause panic and alarm. Yet here we are in a ‘State of Emergency’ from a relatively small number cases of what was once considered a benign childhood disease which kills at most just 0.01% of those it infects.

The difference? Simple – One has a Vaccine, the other doesn’t.



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