The COVID-19 Vaccine And How They Fooled You Into Wanting It

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Just a year ago if you asked anyone if they would like an experimental vaccine that has only been in trials for a few months, has no significant safety data, negligible efficacy data and 80% of test subjects had moderate to high adverse effects, to help protect against a disease which effects only a small fraction of society, specifically the old and vulnerable, all but the clinically insane would have told you where to go.

How times have changed. So what happened?

The Year of Fear

Fear is an important human response, it is an emotion with one goal in mind, saving your ass.

Fear facilitates adaptation and constitutes a survival and defense mechanism that developed so that individuals could respond to adverse situations quickly and efficiently. In that sense, fear is a normal and beneficial emotion, not just for individual survival but also for the entire human species.

Fear is considered “normal” when its intensity corresponds to the seriousness of the threat. In other words, the object of fear has characteristics that could threaten a person’s life. – Exploring Your Mind[1]

But sadly, as with all human emotions, it can be easily exploited.

2020 saw the greatest exploitation of the human fear emotion the World has ever seen. From the early days in Wuhan where we saw people dropping to the floor in pools of blood, to the piles of bodies outside of hospitals and what about those insane prediction models coming out of the Imperial College!

The facts surrounding the events are unimportant, or at least they have been to the Government and media. What is important is that it generates fear in the population.

Fear has been the main driver of this pandemic, it has been the very lifeblood of this pandemic. The actual facts just wouldn’t have been enough to ensure compliance. We needed all-out psychological warfare to keep this baby going.

Over the past year we have seen people become fearful of the very environment they live in and the people that inhabit it, all thanks to the response to this pandemic.

People are so scared of the virus that they would choose to neglect someone in need, even a family member, because their fear overshadowed their love.

Our Lord & Saviour, the Vaccine

With running commentary all the way back from the beginning about how the only way out of this pandemic was with ‘a vaccine’, is it any wonder this COVID-19 vaccine has developed something of god-like status?

First of all, we were told it was our saviour, our only hope. But then we were left hanging with comments from many experts saying “A vaccine before the end of 2021 is unlikely”.

The vaccine-carrot has been just off in the distance, out of reach, every step of the way. But then, hallelujah, we were seeing promise of a vaccine by Christmas!

By the New Year we had a choice, we had the Pfizer vaccine or the Moderna Vaccine. People had a choice, people could drool over the one they thought was the best. But hang on, you might have to wait?!

Wait in Line

How exciting it must be to get that letter through the post, much like Charlie receiving his golden ticket to Wonker’s Chocolate factory, the feeling I’m sure is something else. ‘I was chosen, it’s my turn and I beat you to it!’

Brilliant indeed. How else were they going to convince an entire nation to be the phase three clinical trials of a new experimental vaccine using new technology with absolutely no long-term studies, in fact nothing exceeding just a few months?

My hat goes off to them. They did good.

Wait, there are shortages, we might have to delay the second dose to ensure others can get their first dose?!

….chief executive of NHS England, said there is a global “supply shortage” of the vaccines, as manufacturers struggle to keep up with demand. – Sky News[2]

This type of narrative is all we have heard since even before the vaccines were being manufactured on mass. Leaders around the World were fighting over who had how many, and when – it has been like watching a soap opera, with a terrible cast and an equally terrible script.

But it works. This sense of missing out, or FOMO(fear of missing out) really does do the trick regarding demand. When people fear they might be unable to have something offered, they want it even more – it’s human instinct.

And this, my friends, is how you get an entire population scrabbling over an experimental vaccine. 

Stay Informed

All I ask of anyone, is that they do their own research and due diligence, your initial thoughts maybe that this decision is a no-brainer – ‘of course I’ll have the vaccine’. But this lack of thought is the result of the biased information you have been subjected too. It really isn’t as simple as that.

People are dying from the vaccine, people are getting severely injured from the vaccine, as they do with all vaccines. The difference this time is that we do not know what we are dealing with, this time we have literally just a few months of trial data to rely on (all of which is still unreleased by the pharmaceutical companies, so much for their pledge for transparency[3]).

Experts are surprised by the high frequency of adverse effects, countries like Norway have experienced dozens of deaths following vaccination of their elderly. And while health officials and the media may shrug all these issues off as ‘coincidence’, can we really be sure they are?

Here is the real question you need to ask yourself:

What is the risk to benefit ratio?

If you are under 75 and relatively healthy, there is no point in taking this vaccine, it can offer you nothing your immune system can do better.

If you are over 75, and/or have health issues, do you think your immune system is ready for the vaccine? Baring in mind the high rate of adverse effects from the shot.

I understand it’s a tough decision for many, the vaccine may feel like an antidote for the perpetual fear you have been going through – but just know this, all the data on mortality over the past year shows nothing particularly significant is occurring.

Excess deaths are up marginally, but we’ve had worse in the past decade.

Everything we hear about the hospitals being overrun, bodies piling up in the streets – it’s all due to the reaction and not the problem.

If you put 40+% of your perfectly healthy medical staff into self-isolation due to a testing system that has been proven to be flawed, you can expect to see hospitals fall into chaos.

If you reduce your hospital beds every year by 10% for decades (as they have been here in the UK), then you can expect trouble sooner or later.

If you have more 85 and above year olds than ever before in the population, then isolate them, throw a few COVID infected patients in with them – reduce the number of people to look after them – Well, expect a lot of them to die.

There are a million and one reasons why the excess deaths are marginally higher over the past 12 months, and all of them have very little to do with a deadly virus.

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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david fielon

The government and every member of the commons and the lords, along with all in society should read this article, and question the motives of why and whoare involved in the biggist scam certainly in my lifetime.

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