‘Vaccines are Safe & Effective’ – A Cult Driven by Blind Faith

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We all know the official line on Vaccines, they are of course, Safe and effective. The science is settled, the debate is over and long may we all prosper in a World without contagious diseases – well, as long as those pesky anti-vaxxers die off.

But there is one small problem with this narrative, it’s based solely on a blind faith not dissimilar to the blind faith we see in religious groups and cults. If you say something for long enough and shut down any debate on the topic, eventually it will become a truth in many people’s reality.

Scientific Cult

A cult by definition is a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object. In this case, the object or figure whichever way you want to look at it is the pharmaceutical scientific body, often referred to as ‘Big Pharma’.

They can be thought of as the ‘God’ if we are talking in terms of religion. As with just about all other Religions and cults, its followers are indoctrinated by texts which are often preached by figures within the community of followers.

These texts require no factual basis as they are written by the God and therefore are unquestionable truths which all followers are expected to believe using the strong faith they have in the cult’s ideology.

One of the most efficient practices used to capture the hearts and minds of followers in any cult is fear, in many religions, this is in the form of eternal suffering afterlife, in hell for example. Some cults use the fear of imminent Armageddon on earth to ensure their followers adhere to the ideology prescribed by those in the upper echelons of the cult.

When it comes to the Scientific Cult of Vaccines, it’s the fear of death by deadly diseases. The fear of your children being exposed to various silent and invisible killers known as viruses. These viruses can strike at any moment unless you follow the scriptures of big pharma, that is.

Vaccines are Safe & Effective

This is the slogan taunted by the cult, it is an all-encompassing answer to all those that attempt to question the Scientific Vaccine Cult. But really, just how safe and effective are they?

First of all, the statement is a very loose statement as the term ‘vaccines’ is so broad as it covers dozens of different products, produced by dozens of different manufacturers.

The ‘Not So Safe & Effective’

The Poliovirus Vaccine which was distributed between 1955 and 1963 is probably one of the most well-known Vaccines which clearly were not safe. Millions of people were vaccinated with this vaccine throughout the period and it was later discovered all were exposed to the Simian Virus 40 (SV40), this virus was found to present in the monkey kidney cultures used to prepare the vaccine. SV40 is a potent tumour virus with broad tissue tropism that provably induces tumours in rodents.

Studies concluded that SV40 increased rates of ependymomas by 37%, osteogenic sarcomas by 26%, other bone tumours by 34% and mesothelioma by 90%.

Another Polio Vaccine has raised issues in India, where although the Country was declared as ‘Polio-Free’ in 2014 by the World Health Organisation they are seeing the consequences of the Vaccine itself on its population as non-polio acute flaccid paralysis cases sky-rocket.

it has actually become the nation with the world’s highest rate of NPAFP incidence. In the past 13 months, India has reported 53,563 cases of NPAFP at a national rate of 12 per 100,000 children—way above the global benchmark set by WHO of 2 per 100,000.‘ [source]

A study from the US National Library of Medicine concluded that their ‘observation supports the hypothesis that the frequency of pulse polio administration is directly or indirectly related to the incidence of NPAFP.’

“In the absence of wild polio transmission, it was expected that cases of paralysis would reduce to an acceptable rate of around two per 100,000, but this has not materialised”

Jacob Puliyel, St. Stephen’s Hospital

So lets put this into perspective, the National Polio Surveillance Project data shows that the polio eradication programme has actually increased paralysis among children – from 1,005 cases yearly in 1996 to 60,992 cases in 2012, most now being classified as NPAFP instead of polio.

It was observed in 2005 that, against 66 cases of polio caused by the wild polio virus that year, 1,645 were caused by the vaccine. As the number of polio doses given to every child has increased exponentially over the years, the number of children affected by the vaccine has climbed new heights. Data reveals that those vaccinated are 6.26 times more likely to be paralysed. [read more]

The Polio Vaccine is not the only vaccine with a poor history of living up to the cults mantra, in the 1960’s one of the two measles vaccines in circulation have now been deemed useless by experts as they provided zero protection from the virus, Forbes reports:

The killed vaccine was discontinued in 1967 when it was determined that it did not, in fact, protect against measles virus infection. [Forbes]

Of course, there is a valid argument that we have got much better at creating Vaccines, those were early days in the History of Vaccines, after all, we were still learning. Well, fair enough, let’s take a look at some modern Vaccines which are still currently in use.

The MMR vaccine is supposed to provide protection against the Measles, Mumps and Rubella viruses, effectiveness against each virus is different though even the poorest effectiveness rate of the three, which is Mumps is stated as above 85%. However, reality tells a very different story.

A US Navy warship deployed to the Persian Gulf has been stuck at sea for months due to a viral outbreak of what’s likely the mumps, and service members are continuing to fall ill as the medical workers try to get the situation under control. [source]

A mumps outbreak in a fully vaccinated environment out at sea is clearly not providing anywhere near the promised effectiveness rate and this is not an isolated case. Early this year we reported on Kami Altenberg Schaal, a nurse who’s entire vaccinated family came down with the mumps virus. Kami talks about her experience over in our previous article here.

Then there is the frightening truth that the MMR Vaccine itself was approved for widespread use after a trial period of just 42 days and to top it all off the results from these trials were not exactly squeaky clean!

The DTaP Vaccine also has some major concerns, a recent study in the Oxford Academic Journal of the Paediatric Infectious Diseases Society determined that the DTaO Vaccine actually increased susceptibility to Pertussis over their lifetime. They go onto conclude that  ‘there is no easy way to decrease this increased lifetime susceptibility’

all children who were primed by DTaP vaccines will be more susceptible to pertussis throughout their lifetimes, and there is no easy way to decrease this increased lifetime susceptibility. [source]

You can read more about this in a previous article we published HERE

These are just examples of why the ‘Safe & Effective’ narrative is merely a statement based on blind faith, we could go on to talk about the thousands of teenage girls reporting serious dehabilitation following their HPV vaccine, or the number of deaths associated with the Flu Vaccine – but I think you already get the picture, the science clearly is not settled and to state otherwise is nothing more than deception.

Cult Tactics 101

We mentioned the most common practice used by cults to ensure unquestionable obedience to the cult, which of course is through the use of fear, well there are a number of other common practices used by cults.

  1. Ridicule all those that do not accept the cult ideology as fact through means of smear campaigns and abuse. We have witnessed this time and time again with anyone who dares to publically question the safety or effectiveness of Vaccines. Dr. Andrew Wakefield is probably the most famous example.
  2. Censor all information that contradicts the cult ideology. This tactic has just recently been seen with the removal of books and media on Amazons marketplace, on Youtube and on just about all Social media platforms. So-called ‘anti-vax’ information is being censored, blacklisted or shadowbanned to ensure complete control of the public narrative on Vaccines.
  3. Place talking heads, much like priests in all corners of the public arena to repeat the famous mantra of ‘Vaccines are Safe & Effective’, leave no corner without such priests to preach the word of the cult.
  4. Infiltrate the Government using any means necessary to ensure the ideology of the cult can be maintained and enforced at a state level. This can be seen now more than ever, where we have the Pharmaceutical industry with the largest lobbying group in the World, outspending oil and gas two to one. With this tactic in use laws can be written to ensure the ideology is embedded into the very fabric of society.

Anti-Vax Cult?

So to save me time and effort responding to all those who will likely protest my argument that the Pro-Vaccine ideology is a cult by telling me the Anti-vax community based on this logic could also be defined as a cult – i’ll argue why it is not now.

The anti-vax community is not a community, it is not even made up of entirely anti-vaccine individuals. This label has been fabricated and attached to anyone who questions the ideology of pro-vaccine groups. Anti-vaxxers are a creation of the pro-vaccine groups, a label which attempts to somehow place anyone who opposes vaccines or just question them into a single group of people.

The truth is there are people who blindly follow the vaccine ideology and there are those that don’t. Those that don’t come from all walks of life, they come in the form of Doctors, Scientists, Mothers, Engineers, Hairdressers, Military personnel, Artists, Musicians and every other walk of life. Some of those that question vaccines and come under this false ‘anti-vaxer’ label even support some of the vaccines, some used to support all of the vaccines.

So the argument that Anti-Vaxxers are a cult is a moot debate as they do not follow the same ideology or belief. It is simply anyone that decides to not follow the vaccine programme without question, regardless of their reasons.

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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