Was the Coronavirus Leaked from Bio-Weapons Lab?

by | Jan 31, 2020 | Health, Pandemic, Video Picks of the Week, World News | 0 comments

 UPDATE: Since the recording of this video Dr James Lyons-Weiler has retracted all statements made.

In this video, Del Bigtree speaks to Dr James Lyons-Weiler founder and CEO of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge and author on 57 peer-reviewed publications about the genome of the new Coronavirus 2019-nCoV that’s sweeping the planet.

From his analysis of the virus, he is 100% certain that this particular strain of the virus is not natural, he states that there is a genetic insert in the virus which has occurred within a laboratory environment. Where the virus was leaked is uncertain and whether or not this genetic modification of the virus was performed for Vaccine creation or Biological warfare is also unknown, though Lyons sways more to the side of biological warfare due to the high rate of transmission of the virus. Though at this point the source is still merely speculation.

Speculation that the virus had been leaked from a Laboratory in Wuhan circulated the mainstream media a few days ago, however, this was soon declared a conspiracy theory with no evidence to back such claims. However, while there may be no evidence to support a leak from the Wuhan facility, nor is there evidence that this is a man-made bio-weapon there is evidence to support claims that this is a man-made variation of the Coronavirus.

If you haven’t yet watched this weeks episode of The Highwire we highly recommend it, you can watch the full episode below.



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