Winter Is Coming, Get Your Ineffective Flu-jab Now!

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Winter Is Coming, Get Your Ineffective Flu-jab Now!

This article was originally published in Nov, 2016 – But with Winter on it’s way and the Flu propaganda full steam ahead this year we have updated and republished.

Winter is just on the doorstep and the Influenza Virus is standing by the garden gate ready to pounce, so as you’d expect the campaign for the Flu-jabs has begun. In the UK just about every mainstream media outlet is pushing the Flu vaccine as a must this winter. With their pathetic celebrity doctors answering questions from the public and emphasizing that everyone needs to get the shot. You can even jab yourself now, no doctor required!

A typical example of this comes from the Daily Express:

The best way to prevent the flu is to have a vaccination, and figures revealed by LloydsPharmacy have shown that more and more people are protecting themselves in this way. In 2015, more flu vaccine were delivered across the UK last year – an increase of 230 per cent.

However, even though flu jabs are on the rise, experts have revealed there is a lack of awareness about the importance of protecting against the virus. While 37 per cent claim they don’t need the jab because they are healthy,  research has revealed a further one in ten people said they don’t need the vaccine because they claim they have never had flu before.

LloydsPharmacy pharmacist, Anshu Bhimbat, has sought to set the record straight and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the vaccine.

This year, as usual,  we are seeing the mainstream media and public health services go into overdrive as they warn of a possible flu epidemic, we are hearing of shortage of hospital beds, visions of how our hospital corridors and waiting rooms are going to be rammed with zombiefied, influenza infected patients, coughing and spluttering over each other – we are told that we must get ourselves vaccinated as soon as possible for the sake of humanity….. OK, I may of exaggerated a little, but only a little – The Telegraph reports:

The NHS  is braced for the worst flu season in its history, amid fears that overcrowded hospitals will be unable to cope. The head of the health service has warned that “pressures are going to be real” as he warned that influenza levels are expected to be high.

But wait a minute, were we not informed only last year8 that the Flu vaccination that had been administered to millions throughout the UK was virtually useless as Channel 4 News reports:

The flu vaccine given to millions of Britons turns out to be almost entirely ineffective, with only 3 per cent of cases showing any useful effect.

Now we are fully aware the alleged effectiveness of the yearly Influenza Vaccine is always different due to the nature of the virus, it mutates rapidly – but how can the CDC claim the effectiveness of a vaccine that is rapidly changing. All the effectiveness notes referred to by the CDC are from previous years, which is an entirely different strain of the virus. So putting aside all the other issues associated with vaccines, the flu vaccine effectiveness is a total unknown each year as no one can predict mutation rates of the virus in any given year.

A question many ask is Could the Flu Vaccines cause quicker and more deadly mutations than would normally occur through non-intervened nature ?

Well, the answer is Yes, of course. What’s interesting about this question is even the pro-vaccine pages raise this question and there response is contradictory every time, for example this article from

Are we creating killer strains of the flu virus with our aggressive flu vaccination policy, similar to how antibiotic abuse has created deadly strains of bacteria now resistant to medicine.

The short answer is no.

While it is not implausible for vaccines to cause manageable flu viruses to mutate into something more deadly, there is no evidence that this is happening.

So they give the answer as an outright NO, but then in the following sentence make the statement that ‘it is not implausible’. This is not ‘Science’ this is reassurance and product promotion!

Effectiveness of the Flu vaccine last year (2017 – 2018) was just 36%, though as usual health authorities and GP’s are pushing the vaccine upon the young, weak and elderly, because that makes a lot of sense, right?


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