Tracing Apps and 5G – A Match Made in Heaven (Hell?)

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5G has gained a lot of attention during this coronavirus pandemic, mainly because of what is described by the corporate mainstream news as the ‘conspiracy theory’ that 5G is causing the symptoms attributed to COVID19. We won’t get into that discussion here, but one thing we are sure of is that while this lockdown has been in place, 5G is being rolled out faster than hookers at a Prince Andrew birthday party.

Now what exactly do we need 5G for, it certainly isn’t the ability to simultaneously stream 13 movies in 4K from a single connection, no, the actual reason 5G is so desperately being rolled out, without safety studies and without local consent is to power the ‘Internet of Things’, or IoT as it is typically referred to.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things is the term used to describe what will probably be the next major revolution, comparable to the industrial revolution and the initial Internet revolution.

A World driven by IoT is a World not dissimilar to dozens of science-fiction films, automated cars taking you to an automated workstation, where you will be given work to do by an AI boss. With fridges that restock your food supply by ordering direct from the supermarket, then your food is picked by an automated robotics system and loaded onto the back of a driverless truck, which drops the food at your house and straight onto your postal conveyor belt, which goes straight into your kitchen.

Potential accidents are identified by tracking every human and device on the planet and giving warning signals where necessary, or simply diverting a device to avoid the accident. Of course this technology could be used in reverse as well, but lets just pretend no one has bad intentions and Government is all loving and all caring.

So, three guesses what kind of recently proposed technology built on the back of this virus pandemic fits nicely into the Internet of Things, something which could be described as the very foundation, almost like the backbone to the IoT’s?

Tracing Apps

The vast majority of the World has announced an imminent release, or has already released Tracing apps in the fight against COVID19. These apps[1], which can be installed on your mobile phone or can be issued in bracelet form, will track everyone who is participating. It will allow authorities to know exactly who is in contact with who, where they are and how long contact was for. If someone who has the virus or is later tested positive for the virus has the app installed, then anyone who has been in contact with this person can be warned and sent a COVID19 (useless) test kit.

We are told data will be deleted after 28 days, but I guess we’ll have to take their word on that.

While these apps are being advertised as voluntary at this point, it is being suggested that you may be required to have the app if you want a taste of freedom in the coming weeks and months.

Fortunately for ‘them’ most of the public are more than happy to install these apps and play ball with the devil. It’s all about saving lives after all, right?

Mobile Phone manufacturers in India are already pre-installing these apps on mobiles before they leave the factories, before long it will be a built in function of just about every personal internet device you have.

If you think it ends there, think again. You can be sure once a Vaccine is released a new function to the app will be added which will allow you to identify yourself as ‘Vaccinated’. But that’s not all, these apps are the beginning of a new era in social control. COVID19 is just like a test to see how well the system can cope. This will be used for all existing viruses of days gone by in the future, from measles to influenza.

But it doesn’t end there, these tracing apps can be used for just about anything, if you know where a vast proportion of a population is at any one time, plus the location of billions of devices from cars to toasters around the world – well, this is a power such as like the World has never seen.

So where does 5G come in? Well, it can cope with the early stages of IoT with relative ease. It also allows for accurate tracking without the need for GPS, because the 5G transmission distance is very short there are literally thousands upon thousands of antennas required everywhere. Which is perfect for location triangulation.

Easy Way Out, For Now at Least

At this point in time it is not being suggested that this should be mandated, though it is looking like restrictions may be in place if you do not participate. However, switching your phone off, having a second phone or taping it to your dog are all the possible options at this point which kind of make it only viable for consenting adults (which is most).

So, for now, don’t play along if at all possible. If it is a requirement of travel, play the part just for the limited requirement, then once you’re at your destination leave your phone at home.

However innocent and for the greater good any of this might appear to be at this point, don’t play along – it will not end well, I promise you that.

Let me know what your thoughts are on Tracing Apps in the comments below



James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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