British Police Defend Decision to Not pursue Prince Andrew Sex Abuse Claims

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On Thursday, British police defended their decision to not thoroughly investigate sex trafficking claims by Prince Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who has called the lack of an investigation “corruption” in the highest level of government.

Guiffre has long claimed that Jeffrey Epstein made her have sex with Prince Andrew three times, including in London in March 2001 when a now well-known photo was taken of them together.

Giuffre claimed on Twitter this week that London police told her they would “forensically examine” Ghislaine Maxwell’s house, where she claimed the sex happened soon after the photo was taken. She wrote:

“Next thing I hear, just like the FBI, they were not allowed to pursue the investigation,” she wrote Monday, calling it “corruption in the highelevels [sic] of gov.”

London’s Scotland Yard confirmed Thursday that in July 2015 it “received an allegation of non-recent trafficking for sexual exploitation” involving convicted paedophile Epstein. Commander Alex Murray of Specialist Crime said in a statement:

“Officers assessed the available evidence, interviewed the complainant and obtained early investigative advice from the Crown Prosecution Service. Following legal advice, it was clear that any investigation into human trafficking would be largely focused on activities and relationships outside the UK. We therefore concluded that the MPS was not the appropriate authority to conduct inquiries in these circumstances and, in November 2016, a decision was made that this matter would not proceed to a full criminal investigation.”

The force indicated the decision was evaluated in August after Epstein’s death in his Manhattan lockup. Murray said on Thursday that UK police would be available to help other investigations if needed, adding:

“Our position remains unchanged. The MPS has liaised with other law enforcement organizations but has not received a formal request asking for assistance in connection with this allegation.”

Giuffre’s claims, and the photo of her with Andrew, proved pivotal in him being removed from royal duties following his disastrous attempts to explain the scandal during a BBC interview.
Andrew has vehemently denied the accusations and insists he has no memory of ever meeting Giuffre.

Source: New York Post



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