NHS Nurse Suspended For Speaking Out About The Pandemic

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NHS Nurse Tracey McCallum faces losing her career of more than 20 years after sharing he views on the pandemic on social media.

The media are claiming McCallum has been spreading ‘conspiracy theories’ online about the pandemic after doing ‘her own research online’, but in reality all she has done is shared a different opinion on current events. 

She is being accused of the following:

Claiming face masks are helping spread the virus

This is something which even the studies raise concerns over, while face masks appear to make a small difference in a medical environment where strict protocols are adhered too, in the general population they may indeed do more harm than good.

Even Good Morning Britains Dr. Hillary stated:

It can do harm if you do wear a mask, you adjust it, it gets itchy and moist – which means you are putting your hand to your face more often. 

If the mask gets moist, it traps the virus. – Metro[1]

While McCallum said there was evidence that masks were a:

“breeding ground for bacteria and viruses”

Has Dr Hillary been suspended then, because she has basically repeated verbatum what this well respected TV Doctor publically stated on national television?

To date, there is no real evidence to back up the claims that a Face Mask will prevent the transmission of the virus within the general population, it’s purely a matter of opinion.  

Openly slamming the new vaccine comparing it to “genocide”

Tracey McCallum has also opened fire on the new COVID-19 vaccines, she has publically compared them to ‘genocide’.  Of course they have yet to be released onto the general public, so no genocide has occurred…..yet.

When asked about her comments, she responded:

“What I was meaning was that nurses were fooled in the war, through the Holocaust, into giving people medication. There have been a lot of bad side effects. I know a lot of nurses who don’t want to take it and I think ‘if you don’t want to take it then why give it to someone else?’”

Is this a Conspiracy Theory, no, it’s an opinion based on real concerns. All the COVID-19 vaccines are being designed, produced, trialed and then mass produced all within a few months.

The safety trials haven’t shown huge promise, and clearly even the UK Government are expecting major problems when the vaccine finally does hit the publics bloodstreams:

The MHRA urgently seeks an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs) – OYE NEWS[2]

Backing hydroxychloroquine taken by Donald Trump but dismissed by world health chiefs

Hydroxychloroquine may indeed have been dismissed by ‘World Health Chiefs’, but these so called chiefs are not leaders in the field of medicine. HCQ has clear benefits to treat COVID-19, I reported on this numerous times. 

But whether due to political reasons or something else, Government, Mainstream media and Big Tech have all censored anyone who promotes HCQ for COVID-19 treatment.

Remember the Frontline Doctors who were wiped out of existence after sharing this:

They even, in an attempt to debunk the claims of its benefits, did a study which was designed to fail, while putting the lives of its test subjects at risk.

They followed no protocol which had already been proven to work in the field, no, they simply just attempted to overdose patients in the study by giving them up to four times the recommended doses.

You can read about this in full HERE[3]

Telling people vitamins and minerals can help tackle Covid.

Finally, she had the audacity to make the wild claim that vitamins and minerals can help tackle COVID. I know, crazy talk.

I feel like I shouldn’t even need to tackle why this is not a ‘Conspiracy Theory’, I mean really, do I need to?

Taking regular vitamin D or Omega-3 supplements bolsters pensioners’ immune systems, helping them to fend off infections including Covid-19, a study has found. 

Both the supplements are essential for good overall health and are found in oily fish.

A study of more than 2,000 pensioners revealed the pills reduce the risk of catching infections but have no impact on bone health, memory and muscle function. – Daily Mail[4]

Should Matt Hancock be suspended (obviously):

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said the public ‘should consider taking Vitamin D’ after trials to test the micro nutrient for protection against coronavirus begin. – Wales Online[5]

It really doesn’t take a high level of IQ to understand also that if you put into your body all the things it desires the most, it will be stronger for it. Mind blowing stuff, I know.

Tracey McCallum Should be praised, not condemned.

This brave nurse should be applauded and rewarded for showing the courage to stand up for what she believes in. But not only is she brave, she’s right about everything she is saying. 

She hasn’t said anything particularly controversial, she’s asking the right questions and raising the right concerns. But of course, she must be punished for daring to question the Government narrative.

We need more nurses like this standing up and raising their concerns, calling out the blatant lies and deceptions and demanding answers.

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.


  1. Tzindo

    It is fair to say that Tracey McCallum is the NHS exception in speaking out on the lie that is the Covid-19 pandemic. There is no pandemic, hospitals are not busy, the measure are set to destroy our lives and our economy, and have nothing to do with health.

    All you need to do is look at the ONS and compare all cause deaths with 5 year average with this year to see that death rates are no different.

    The NHS appears to be full of frightened, bound over staff who are not prepared to speak the truth. Unlike Tracey, her colleagues, by remaining silent, are tacitly supports the evil agendas we are all subject to.

    Remember the hippocratic oath “First do no harm” derived from the Latin phrase, “primum non nocere” or “primum nil nocere.”.

    The oath is also broken as a consequence of doing nothing, when harm is being done.

    In speaking out you are leading the way for others to do the same within the medical profession. Perhaps others will follow.

    Tracey, is a very brave lady.

    • Nicola McIntosh

      Hi Tracey. You are so brave and inspiring. At least your conscience is clear. Hopefully more medical professionals speak out. ❤️

  2. Sarah

    If she’d avoided saying she was a nurse she would have been listened to more. Appalling the claims she made about patient care. She has no more experience of virology, epidemiology or vaccines than any other lay person. 20yrs experience with half of it being off sick and hasn’t seen a patient face to face for years. An absolute disgrace to the profession. She works in a call centre and her claims about her workplace were complete fabrications. Nurses treat patients regardless of thoughts. Not her. She’s spouting her nonsense while happily taking the public’s money and being off sick. Let’s see your suspension letter then. So vocal but still happy to sponge. Hopefully she resigns or the NMC investigate her. For all those supporting her next time you need healthcare think how it would be if the person treating you decides they don’t agree so walks away from you. I don’t care about her opinions but to use that she’s a nurse is outrageous. Her info is from the Daily Mail like anyone else.

  3. Tracey McCallum

    I am the said nurse thank you so much for your article. It has made a fantastic end to one of my best birthdays…. I attended rally in Edinburgh today and met a vet , 3 nurses and a gp. It was so good to be around people who have so much love and care. It gives so much hope that more good will come stay safe and thanks again I love it xxx

    • James Allard

      Hi Tracey. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to hear you are are keeping in good spirits. It’s a very hard and brave thing to do to put your career on the line by holding true to your beliefs.

      Keep up the good work and please drop us a line if ever you need a place to air your voice. Take good care x

      • James Allard

        I’m not sure if you have any response to the comments made by Sarah in the comments, she’s made some pretty harsh statements about you. Feel free to share your side of the story.

      • Tracey

        James thank you, I replied twice with long detailed responses to Sarah but twice I messed up when about to submit, clearing my comments..

        I’ve decided not to try a long detailed one again as after reading Sarah’s post I’m thinking she sounds like the colleagues who I thought were friends who apparently reported me for having an opinion and who also likely gave my home address to the daily record..

        Anyway I just wanted to say I’d love to give you a full interview explaining each concern individually.

        I like many of my colleagues are only speaking out due to our love for being a nurse and wanting the best care for each and every patient. Informed choice and consent.

        Id like to end saying to Sarah, it’s nice to be nice and before you comment try and think about the way your comments will affect others… As Caroline flack said only last year before she took her own life – BE KIND!

        Thanks again
        Kind regards

        • Janice

          Love of being a nurse? Where are you now? Patients require care whether you agree or disagree with Covid. Whether that be due to symptoms or due to mental health and you’re off fighting a cause. Would think more of you if you resigned but you won’t. You were off sick, nothing to do with Covid, then took up your crusade. Stop pretending your suspended. You’re happy taking public money while skiving. Poor show using Caroline Flack she needed help and if everyone decided to do what you’re doing there would be no help for people like her. Fight your crusade in your own time, stop using the fact that you’re a nurse as it’s meaningless, and get back to work then we’ll all think more of you. You don’t deal directly with Covid and you certainly don’t only deal with Covid so stop pretending you do.

          • SaraH

            So glad you’’ve said that. It’s dreadful that we’re not able to speak up against her. Our patients need us and she’s decided to fight against something that is not even affecting her day to day work and even worse do it in works time. Meanwhile we’re all exhausted. Do I agree with masks? No. But I still go to work and care because it’s not the patients fault that I’m wearing one and In amongst those patients is another Caroline Flack that needs my help and I’ll be there for them because I’m a nurse who cares.

          • James Allard

            SarahH / Janice – Do you two know Tracey personally or are these comments coming from media reports?

    • sam Hall

      Hi Tracey, I am appalled by your treatment. I know many nurses, Doctors and scientists who share your views entirely.
      The advent of the removal of freedom of speech is keeping this charade going for longer than would be possible. There is no balance in the media, workplace or any institutions without penalty. You are a brave and courageous lady. On behalf of the free thinkers thank you for speaking the truth. I hope this is not to your personal detriment in terms of work but I have a feeling that others will one day not too far away admire your courage when the full harsh truth is revealed. Stay strong, you have a tribe out here.

  4. Paul Cardin

    Also, two young Liverpool teachers were sacked recently for attending a protest. But “the wrong kind of protest”. The aim here is to terrify people into silence and complicity. It looks like our freedom to receive and impart information under Article 10 and freedom to assemble and associate under Article 11 of the European Human Rights Convention could be in last chance saloon.

    • Jay

      I have been banned from my local opthalmology practice for refusing to use hand sanitiser and refusing a temperature check (by a receptionist).

      All measures of control that were not in place this time last year, before the great planned virus hoax got underway.

      If this is my small contribution then so be it, as I will continue to avoid any form of control by the bureaucrats, and stay the heck out of their way!


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