COVID-19 – A World in Quarantine

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Has your neighbourhood gone into Lockdown yet?

No, well rest assured it won’t be long, as nation after nation unveil new, tougher rules and restrictions to its citizens in this so-called fight against the big scary ‘COVID-19’.

But is this unprecedented reaction to a seasonal virus justified?

These Numbers Mean Nothing

So we’ll start with the biggest issue surrounding this coronavirus outbreak, the numbers. Government officials, CDC, WHO and the media all love to band about numbers; mortality rates, infection rates, recovery rates and so on. The severity of this virus is 100% being determined by these numbers.

But there is one problem, these numbers represent very little in reality. Now, please bare with me, this isn’t going to be rocket science, but it will require 3 IQ points at least.

Mortality Rate?

To determine a mortality rate, we need two data points, the first is how many died, the second is how many contracted the virus. The former data point is relatively accurate, though far from perfect as we have a major incident occur, some unlucky person died!

It is highly unlikely that deaths from the COVID-19 will be under reported, in fact during a pandemic it is far more likely that even deaths which would typically of been attributed to Influenza will be given the COVID19 death mark with no scientific testing for the virus itself in the deceased.

So while the death rate is commonly reported as being between 3.5% to as high as 7%, its actually an entirely fictitious number with no connection to reality.

The following video is the latest episode from The Highwire with Del Bigtree, it’s well worth a listen for some rational discussion on this crisis.

So What Exactly Do We Know?

Well, we know whatever the media machine wants us to know; we know whatever our Governments and health authorities want us to know, which as you may have noticed of late is a lot of contradictory nonsense based on simulations, hearsay, estimates and nonsensical pseudoscientific claptrap.

People are lining up in droves for testing of this novel COVID-19 Virus, right? Wrong? – who knows!:

It is not the virus killing people, its 5G, right……. well, it could be, or it could be something else, or maybe it’s nothing at all. My point is, we actually have no idea about the virus and the situations unfolding around the World. We live in a sea of media, and the waters are murkier than ever!

So, basically we know nothing about the virus itself, but we do know how society is reacting to this, we are also getting clues to what list of new regulatory goodies our beloved Governments are cooking up for us in response to this ‘convenient’ pandemic.

Society Shake Up

The World has been in a semi-comatose state for years, if not decades. The planet has turned upon its axis as it always did, the day-to-day routine of work and play has been ticking along nicely without interruption for many a moon.

Somewhere along the way reality television snuck its way in; oh, and those multi-episode, multi-season high quality TV dramas seem to come from nowhere, millions of them – but that’s OK, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick..… Pop – The bubble burst!

Over the past few days and weeks depending on which western province of the Truman show you live in, you will have seen a shift in society that you have likely never seen before in your lifetime.

Entire nations are being told to ‘stay inside’, people are told to stop working, stop socialising. People are seeing food shortages, or at least the illusion of food shortages, we are being warned of potential power cuts as workers in the industry are forced to stay at home.

Society has lifted an eyelid from its deep sleep, the bubble of a life they once knew is still there, floating off in the distance. It offers promise of a return to normality – but how, ‘what do I have to do’ they wearily ask themselves….?

At What Cost?

The cost, as you would expect is high – but, unfortunately many will be begging to pay the cost in return for their happy little bubble which they can still see in the distance, taunting them with hope.

The cost, ladies and gentlemen is another slice of what remains of your freedom, not a small slice either, this time the cost is high – after all, you want your life back right?

While exactly what they will ask in return for your salvation has yet to fully unfold, what we can say is life as you once new it will never be the same again.

This will gain public acceptance of the rollout of the Worldwide health surveillance system which is linked to your passport, if your health and vaccination records are not inline with a particular Governments requirements, you are not getting in.

We will undoubtedly see the role out of regulations making food storage and hoarding illegal, after all, didn‘t you see all those greedy, selfish people stocking up on food from the supermarkets? I’m sure it had nothing to do with the media pushing the panic buying narrative, showing empty shelves and reporting on food shortages and potential restrictions on future food purchasing.

Mandatory Vaccines seem an almost done deal across the World, after this crisis many will be lining up for their Vaccines and demanding everyone else does the same for ‘The Greater Good’ of humanity – which as we all know is a joke.

You can also expect regulations which will allow for quicker and tougher action to be taken in future pandemics, after all no one wants to relive the COVID-19 crisis of 2020 again, right!

There is so much that could be rolled out on the back of this, many I can imagine, many more I cannot – but regardless, if you want life to return to normal the price will be high.

What to do?

Right now, in regards to the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis there is little you can do, we don’t have a clue to what is going on so we may as well place that on hold for now and focus on something else.

Personally I’d recommend taking this time to educate yourself further, evolve, drag out those old dreams you had many moons ago and see if those dreams can dusted off and worked into a reality. The day-to-day struggles of working life often leave some of our strongest desires and dreams far behind in the distant past. Why not try to bring them back, you may never get another opportunity like this in your lifetime.

Turn Off The Media

“Listen to me’ it screams, “Let me tell you a story” it pleads.
You might not like the story, in fact you will probably dislike the story, but you’ll listen any way to this angry creature.

“Trust me, I’m your friend,” it tells you, “Dont listen to those others, they lie, they deceive, I am the truth teller, I love you,” it claims.

And, while you curse at this devilish beast that seems to continually bleat this endless stream of information at you, you find yourself awaiting its very next sound.

This mouthpiece of perpetual doom and soul-destroying information owns you, it feeds you; it controls you. Like a hostage who becomes infatuated with its captive you do all that is asked, you embed its voice into every aspect of your life, just to make sure every word can be waited upon and heard.

“Be afraid” it tells you, “Stay with me, here, I’ll keep you safe” it unnecessarily pleads. You are afraid, but you know this beast that has embedded itself into the deepest depths of your mind is with you, to care and nurture you through anything.

Switch off the media folks, or at the very least put it on a leash!

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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