Imminent War, Deadly Virus, Civil Unrest And a Whole Lot More to Come

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I’ll be honest, the past week I have felt a little like I’ve come up against a hard stop, mentally that it. With the sudden flick of the narrative from coronavirus to racism, literally within 24 hours, my mind has gone into some kind of overload state. Hence I’ve kept away from writing more thought provoking based articles since the George Floyd murder.

But anyway, the fog has cleared and I think it’s time to talk about the bigger picture that envelopes everything that has happened ‘so far’ in 2020.

It Began in Iran

Now I know it may seem more like decades ago, but in fact it was just the beginning of this year when tensions between the US and Iran hit boiling point as the Trump admission launched multiple airstrikes on the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, which ended in the death of top Iranian General Qassem Suleimani. 

This escalated quickly as Iran retaliated by launching ballistic missiles at US military airbases in Iraq. Before long, concerns over a World War were the talk of the town. 

This all blew over relatively quick and attention went back to the Australian Bush fires, which were an ongoing concern throughout the latter part of 2019 into early 2020. 

Big Trouble in Wuhan China

In late January, we began hearing more and more about concerns over a deadly coronavirus circulating in Wuhan, China. Before long we had hundreds, if not thousands of videos circulating the Internet showing people collapsing in the street in a pile of blood, people being extracted from their homes, people being locked up in their homes and a whole host of other zombie apocalypse themed events.

You were there; you saw it; it was shocking to watch, so much so that I think you need to question the authenticity of much of it, or consider that what was occurring in China was not the COVID-19 virus, but something else. Anyway, that’s a topic for another day.

Then the coronavirus spread to Iran and Italy, this is when people here in the West really began to take notice, as we saw footage from Italy all over social media allegedly showing the devastation that COVID-19 was causing throughout the Country.

Then came the lockdowns, the social distancing, the food rationing and emergency bill legislations giving Governments unprecedented powers until they deem it safe to no longer require these powers (never, is my guess).

As the numbers subsided in much of the Western World, lockdown measures began to lift in many Countries, those who have not, are expected to do so soon.

Where schools have reopened, we are seeing children being forcibly social-distanced, no playing together, no physical interaction at all and teachers all covered up with face masks. If you didn’t think Schools were indoctrination camps before, I think this might just change your mind!

George Floyd

Then the World’s media switched overnight from the continual coronavirus theme, which had been present 24/7 for the last few months, to George Floyd and the riots and protests that followed his murder.

With major US Cities on Fire, looting, rioting and more police brutality, coronavirus seems like a distant memory.

The media with the help of Black Lives Matter and Antifa have done their utmost to ensure the chaos spreads to other Countries in the West. Now we have similar protests in the UK, Belgium and France just to name a few. All of which appear to be escalating as the days go on.

Out of Chaos Comes Order

There is plenty more to come, the insanity is only just getting started. A Global Economic Collapse is happening right now, you may not notice it and the stock market may not reflect it, but it’s happening.

Further protesting and civil-unrest will develop from this over time, but to add fuel to the fire there will also be big opposition to the many of the new restrictions being imposed on basic freedoms on the back of the Coronavirus.

With ‘Track and Trace’ Apps, Immunity Passports, and biometric ID’s all imminent, there are going to be a lot of unhappy citizens, many of which will be unemployed with nothing better to do then share their anger.

Add to this the US elections just around the Corner, UK’s Brexit deal still to be finalised and you can be sure the chaos is just getting warmed up.

But here is the thing, while all of this is going on, from coronavirus to rioting to whatever comes next, Governments are restructuring, the Worlds biggest Corporations are restructuring, the entire infrastructure of the Elite class is being redesigned for the new World, or should we say the new normal that they envision.

I won’t get into details in this post about the specifics of anything i’m suggesting, all will be dealt with in time in separate articles. But, while I’m not suggesting all the events that have unfolded this year have been entirely fabricated, they have been exploited to their fullest.

To help assist in the exploitation of these events their greatest allies have been the Mainstream media who have lapped up everything possible and vomited it back to the public in the form of high-energy fear propaganda.

What should have been a bad flu season and maybe made the nightly news a couple times a day for a week or so was pumped up into a potential end-of-world scenerio. The Government and their media cohorts around the World did this, they turned modern society upside down and inside out and we got to watch it all in real-time, live streamed to our homes, in Lockdown.

Now if you lock a billion people down for a few months, destroy their community through job losses and business closures, it is only a matter of time before something acts as a trigger for that pent up energy. It just so happened to be George Floyd, but if Floyd didn’t get killed, something else would have soon come along to release that mass of human energy.

You can be sure civil unrest was expected from all this, whether it’s greeted with glee or annoyance by Government is anyone’s guess (I guess glee). But regardless, it will once again be used as a distraction and more importantly a justification for even more regulations being imposed on the general public.

In all the Chaos that follows, a great order will form – A New World Order

Things are not going to get easier. This is just the beginning of one of the greatest transitions in human society the World has ever seen.

I will tackle everything in more detail over the coming days and weeks, but in the meantime i’d love to hear your thoughts on where everything is heading.

Do you think all will return to normal and this will all be no more than a bad dream, or do you believe that something far greater is going on here?

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.


  1. Ghost

    Things can’t be so black and white as people are trying to make it out to be.
    It takes time for change to happen and won’t happen by just the use of force or an aggressive outlook.
    You have to look at the fundamentals of where things began.
    Wealthy People are comfortable and those that aren’t have to live it out fighting for their lives.
    That’s what we need to change rather than looking to change just the rules. Need to look at peoples perceptions and try to ignite progress, and get people to fall in love with process of doing things rather than just looking for quick fix results.
    Although this mentality is hard to achieve, the younger generation are the ones to focus on.

  2. Rob

    We are at Midnight on the world clock, IMHO. It’s time to put the “big boy” pants on and grow up both emotionally and spiritually. People need to realize that ALL “government” IS slavery and the Police state that’s coming globally will only succeed if people allow it. We need to start using the Great word “NO!” and when they attempt to force their will through the psychopaths in Blue, DEFEND OURSELVES with FORCE. Not just one person against many psychos, but as a collective mass, in FORCE.

  3. Steve

    I agree fully with you. The Agenda 2030 perpetrated by the global elite is here. The elite own the media and therefore in a minute reach critical mass with their message. They’re destabilizing countries and societies across the globe in order to replace it with their new world order. Smart cities wired in 5G, social credit system similar to China, no families, depopulation, all synthetic foods, tracing, multiple mandatory vaccines, and many other evil plans led by a one world government. We have to decide do we want to be a wolf or a sheep


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