Cast your minds back, way back, cast them back to a time just prior to COVID-19 and the pandemic that ensued. Think ‘Climate Change’, think ‘Greta Thunberg’, think ‘We are all going to die’, think ‘How dare you!’. 

I know it seems like an age ago, but only a year ago the World had one thing on their mind and it had nothing to do with a virus. Activists from all walks of life were hitting the streets, people were super glueing themselves to state buildings, subways were blocked, roads came to a standstill.

Children were angry, children were hysterical, children were left needing therapy to cope with what generations above them had done to the World over the past century. All this was led by the pied piper of climate propaganda, Greta Thunberg.

Remember now?

Climate Fantasists

We were all going to die within the next 12 years, unless the World took some very careful steps to reduce CO2 emissions.

So what were some of these steps suggested by these pseudoscience fanatics?

The scrooge of happiness and fun herself, Greta Thunberg, gave up air travel and resorted to sailing instead because she realised just how bad flying was for the planet. Her actions help to push the new shaming trend conjured up by Swedish singer Staffan Lindberg called ‘Flygskam’[1], or in English ‘Flight Shaming’.

‘Flight Shaming’ is a growing trend among climate activists from all walks of life. The principle of this new shaming trend is to make those who use air travel feel embarrassed and guilty for their actions.

Interestingly, even the rich and famous were flying in on their private jets to preach about the dangers of flying, I kid you not!

Roger Hallam, one of the founding members of Extinction Rebellion, self proclaimed academic and amateur gardener believes that flying is selfish and just, well, bad. He said:

‘It’s just a physical fact that it’s beyond bad’ – Dailymail[2]

The overall message from these climate activists is that flying should be a thing of the past, reserved only for ‘essential’ use.

This limitation of travel is not specific to just air travel, roads need to be emptied as well if we are to live beyond 2030.

Travel wasn’t the only target by this agenda, Veganism played a big part. Production of meat was just not environmentally friendly. Plant diets and synthetically created foods were the way forward if we wanted to have any hope in saving our planet from catastrophe.

While I have moral issues with mass agricultural farming and for this reason do not eat meat, I do not agree that veganism is the way forward. Meat just doesn’t fit into the vision of a ‘New World’ that those behind this agenda have.

Governments and Elitist organisations listened, and they backed the agenda. The World was set to take action, the question was, how were they going to get the public to accept such radical change in society in such a short period of time?

Now it’s important to understand that the climate activist groups and mouth pieces such as Greta and Hallam are not part of any agenda directly, they are pawns being used to drive an agenda.

I recommend checking out an article I wrote sometime ago entitled ‘Extinction Rebellion: Protesting for your own Enslavement'[3]

5G & The Internet of Things

Running alongside the climate change hysteria was the ongoing celebration and controversy of 5G. Countries were in a race to get their new super speed wireless data connections out first. But it wasn’t without pushback, with no safety testing on the environmental effects of 5G and a known health risk associated with millimeter-wave frequencies, people were concerned about a Worldwide rollout of this new, untested technology.

But as we kept getting told, we needed it for the brave new world of IOT(Internet of Things). This technology would improve our lives, it would allow for the automation of virtually everything, from cars to households.

It would allow for people to work from home more, with every aspect of our life connected to each other, employers could issue work and monitor staff progress whilst they sat in the comfort of their own homes. The technology would reduce travel requirements for work and domestic purposes.

The only problem was getting the public to accept such a radical change in society in such a short period of time……

Convenient COVID

The climate change protests and constant media coverage on the topic came to a sudden stop, ‘poof’ and it was gone. Suddenly frightening images were coming out of China showing people dropping in the streets in a pile of their own blood. A deadly new virus was on the loose and its heading our way!

Well, Governments had to act quickly, of course they did, we were all going to die after all. Fortunately, they had a plan.

First, all borders were closed. All planes grounded, ferries docked.

Then, they lockdown the entire population, with the exception of what they deemed ‘essential workers’. Overnight an entire nation was housebound and in many cases unemployed.

What followed was months of social programming, setting rules and testing conformity. These rules were and still are being changed frequently, at short notice, and then praise is given to those that perform the best. Kind of like how you train a monkey to do circus tricks, or maybe how you would train a human to live in a society dependent on logic based technologies, for example IOT.

Due to the lockdown and the knock-on effect it had on the supply chains animals intended for the meat industry were and still are being slaughtered in the millions, but not for consumption, just because farmers could not afford to keep animals which were not going to make it to the shelves.

Farmers have reportedly already euthanized at least 2 million animals that could not be processed, and that number is expected to rise, The Guardian reported. Poultry producers have turned to approved methods for “depopulating” chickens with slow suffocation by covering them with foam or turning off ventilation in barns The Miami Herald[4]

During the grounding of air travel, many airlines have dissolved, hotels have closed, the entertainment industry is virtually dead, and social places of meeting are left to dig their own graves.

But it’s not all bad. During this time of household arrest, CO2 emissions have dropped at record levels:

Research published in the journal Nature Communications by a group of scientists from China, France, Japan and the United States, said emissions fell by 1,551 million tonnes or 8.8% in the first half of the year, compared to the same period last year.

The 8.8% reduction represents largest ever fall in emissions over the first half year, larger than for any economic downturn. The drop was also larger than the annual decrease during World War Two, although mean emissions are much bigger now than at that time. – MSN[5]

Social Distancing was one of the new rules to be implemented by society. It was carefully programmed into the public in the comfort of their own homes whilst under house arrest. It involved keeping a set distance, usually 6ft or 2 meters apart from people. Shaking hands and cuddling upon greeting others was outlawed, sometimes at a state level, but always at a social level.

Social Distancing is perfect for the early stage global surveillance and IOT technologies being built. Clusters of people can be hard to identify, but separated by space, the societal machine being built around us can easily and quickly determine who is who, and how to react.

As for human contact, well that’s just something we need to get used to having a lot less of, in a World driven by Artificial Intelligence there will far less human interaction.

A term called the ‘New Normal’ was coined and pushed by Governments and their media cohorts. We are never going back to any sense of normality. A ‘new normal’ was being built and would become your new reality.

This pandemic has been a blessing(or creation) for the elites, the public has been primed for the ‘New World’, all thanks to an invisible and unaccountable enemy – COVID-19.

I’m sure it won’t surprise you to find Mr Pandemic himself, Bill Gates has popped out of the woodwork once again, but he seems to be diving straight back into the Climate Change discussion now, no more Mr. Pandemic, say hello to Bill the Climate Activist:

Billionaire Microsoft founder and climate activist Bill Gates said Monday that large-scale economic shutdowns are “nowhere near sufficient” to curtail climate change. Rather, we need “to get rid of emissions from all the different sectors.” – The Blaze[6]

But it’s a damn good start Bill, don’t you think? This theatre of a pandemic that you helped coordinate has paved the way for the changes you wanted to see in the World. In fact, every aspect of this pandemic has conveniently benefited you and your agenda.

COVID-19 turned up at the most convenient time and required the most convenient set of measures to overcome it. Everything about it has been convenient for the long running agendas of the elites.

Now, there is one small question to ask yourselves, is this pandemic a convenient coincidence or a brilliant manufactured solution?

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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