BREAKING: Petition for 2nd Referendum – FAKE

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2nd Referendum Fake

Update: 26th Jun 2016

‘Second EU referendum petition investigated for fraud’ – BBC News

The House of Commons petitions committee is investigating allegations of fraud in connection with a petition calling for a second EU referendum. Its inquiry is focused on the possibility that some names could be fraudulent -77,000 signatures have already been removed.More than 3.2 million signatures are on the petition, but PM David Cameron has said there will be no second vote.

Inquiry removes at least 77,000 fake signatures, as hackers claim responsibility for ‘prank’ – The Telegraph

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The viral 2nd Referendum petition by “William Oliver Healey” was active at the very same time the LEAVE referendum result came in.

BUT look what happened when WE (OYE) tried to launch a petition to STOP a 2nd referendum (see image)?

24 hours later and at the time of writing this, we still get this… “PLEASE TRY IN A FEW DAYS” – Click below image to visit petition.

*If you’re are reading this after the petition has eventually been published (if it ever does). PLEASE sign.

So why can’t we have one that pops up straight away like the viral petition did, that just so happens to be the main subject in all mainstream news SPIN articles.

Well. This is where things start to get very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

21st Century Wire says…

We heard about the big petition, but who is the author?

This is interesting…

OYE No 2nd Referendum

Mike Robinson
UK Column

The #EUReferendumPsyop continues in the form of a petition calling for a second referendum. So far, 2.1 million people have signed it.

An online search for “William Oliver Healey” reveals a host of results, almost all of which point to the petition itself or news articles and blog posts about the petition, and almost none of which lead to a real human being called “William Oliver Healey”.

No-one seems to be asking the simple question, who is “William Oliver Healey”?

From the beginning, the UK Column alone has described the entire referendum process as a “psychological operation”. We have stated that that operation is designed to:

  • Distract the public from the bigger policy items which threaten their sovereignty and liberty much more than the EU ever did.
  • Create complete division between people: not only white/black, Muslim/Christian, rich/poor, but now division among families, friends and work colleagues.

We pointed out that somehow David Cameron had managed to have his friends and colleagues placed in charge of the Leave Campaign, controlling the opposition debate on one hand, and sidelining UKIP in the process without anyone other than UKIP supporters seeming to worry about it. The aim here, we allege, was not so much to make sure the final result was to Remain, but to make sure that the subject matter of the debate was restricted to jobs and immigration.

The aim was to divide. The outcome was irrelevant.

As the “campaigns” ran, with Remainers campaigning for Leave, Leavers suddenly jumping ship to Remain and vice versa, it should come as no surprise, perhaps, that there is a possibility that “William Oliver Healey”, now running a petition for a second referendum, should have campaigned for Leave.

Now, at this point, I must point out that I have no confirmed evidence that the person I am about to present is the author of the petition. I am, at this point, asking the question, is he?

William Oliver Healey

The William Oliver Healey that I would like to draw to your attention was a student at de Montford University in Leicester, where he studied politics. He stood for the Disabled Students’ Representative role at the Student’s Union, claiming to suffer from Asbergers.

William Oliver Healey

William Oliver Healey

Following his university career, he joined the English Democrats, for whom he stood in 2014 as MEP for the East Midlands euroregion. During that campaign he wrote:

“As a personal opinion of my own devising: I believe it is time that the 7.5million economic migrants who came here to economically enrich themselves and who have failed to integrate should now be returned to their place of national origin.”

William Oliver Healey campaigned tirelessly for the LEAVE side during the referendum campaign.

Continue this article at UK Column

EDITORS NOTE: Upon closer examination after downloading the data from this petition, it appears that a great number of the signatures are from an array of foreign countries ranging from Cuba, to Mauritania, to Algeria, Argentina, Burundi, Iran and even Moldova, along with dozens of others. It’s possible that an overwhelming majority of the petition’s ‘signatures’ are from overseas. Very odd, and in such a short space of time. Could this be the work of automated software, also known as ‘internet ‘bots’?

READ MORE BREXIT NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Brexit Files




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