The Truth About Brexit

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The Truth

Judging by social media. Most people don’t understand the bigger picture and have made choices based on ignorance, racism, propaganda and many other fallacies.

This is to be expected. This is how us humans work. There is only a small proportion of us with the time to understand such momentous subjects. So we end up just trusting the people we choose to trust. A loved one, a friend, the main stream news. But who’s to say if they are right or wrong? It’s all just trust based.

Well here, we try to give you the truth based on many years of research from multiple people. So please take the time to see the bigger picture.

Pro EU Propaganda – Fear Mongering – Unlimited Money – Rothschild Funded

We knew the pro EU propaganda would be powerful and that many people would fall for it. Big business and big government gain from being in the EU short term, so it was in their interest to try and warp the minds of an entire nation to fulfil their desperate need for greed and power.

Pro Brexit Propaganda – Fear Mongering – Racism – Bandwagon

Then we have the racist side. Every racist in the country hijacked the Brexit moment to further their demonic aspirations. And it didn’t help that many Brexit politicians and parties used this to their gain. All jumping on the immigration bandwagon.

Lets look at the actual facts.

Everything that’s wrong with the world today is all linked to greed, big business and big government. The bankers bailout. The huge bonuses paid out from tax payers money. Large taxes forced upon those who also have to eat from food banks. Huge inequality,  Mass immigration because big business and big government loved to bomb everyone else’s countries to steal their resource.

When government and business get too big, bad things always happen. When a world is run by a just a handful of privileged unelected elites, you know things are going to get bad. And this is what the tyrants want. They want total world control and they will do anything to get it. They will twist your mind with clever mind control techniques. They will get the whole world fighting. Then when no one is looking, they will step in and take total control.

Problem, reaction, solution.

The whole idea of the EU was to be a stepping stone to a NWO.

So for arguments sake. Lets just say we were better of financially in the EU.

Is that really a reason to sell yourself to a dictatorship of tyranny, and a collection of evil elites who wage illegal wars, rape children, murder innocent people, carry out hideous false flags killings and much more? Is it a reason to give up your freedom and sovereignty to unelected dictators?

No. This is not a good idea. The last person who wanted to have an integrated EU with unelected politicians as a stepping stone to a new world order, was none other than Hitler.

The year 1941 will be, I am convinced, the historical year of a great European New Order ~ Adolf Hitler

And this is what they still aim for. It might not be Hitler in the driving seat now, but the idea is the same. Total control and the enslavement of the people under a fascist state. Hitler was funded by the same people pushing for the EU today. The Rothschild’s, the Rockefeller, the Royal family, big government and big business. They are all related, literally.


Now how many of you are pro EU but anti TTIP, TPP and TISA?

TTIP, TPP and TISA are the building blocks to turn the EU and the rest of the world in to a one world system, a NWO. If you’re anti TTIP, TPP and TISA, then you can not be pro EU. It’s a total contradiction.

We Don’t Need Governments

We as people don’t need government. Government is a mafia that dictates how you live for their own gain. The bigger the government the worse it becomes.

If you were voting to stay in EU because you believe you would make more money, then you are part of the problem. Greed does not trump freedom. When you have freedom, you don’t need money.

And lets not forget, no one voted to be part of a fascist state called the EU governed by unelected officials. People voted for the EC. Today, the EC doesn’t even exist. It was the Trojan horse to fool the people in to accepting what is now the EU and in the future will be the NWO.

So people. What do you want? Do you want to be government by fascist dictators and greedy bankers? Or do you want your freedom, sovereignty and to be safe, away from fascist tyrants trying to rule your life?

The EU, like the North Korea, is a totalitarian state?

So What’s Next?

We could write forever about how the EU is a failed state with many of it’s member itching to leave. Look how it turned out for Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cypress, Italy and Ireland. Countries destroyed under EU rule.

We could write about how under the EU we were not free to do life changing, ground braking trade deals with China, the worlds biggest economy. We could have spoken about how other countries, with the highest GDP’s and standards of living in the world, do just fine out side of Europe, such as Australia (Pro Brexit), Canada, Switzerland and Noway. Norway Tops Prosperity Ranking

Brexit Cartoon

But what will happen next? Despite all the facts, it’s going to be all about the infighting (by design). Where the whole country is divided based on which side of the propaganda you believed.

The bigoted parties such as Britain First and BNP will create an army of racists. The Tories will play the moral high ground, despite being responsible for the most extreme racism in the world with their genocide of brown people, bombing and killing people in foreign countries to steal land and resources.

In the short term, the economy will naturally go up and down. The government will use this as fear porn to introduce more austerity and take more of your freedoms.

New Islamic false flags will pop up with Brexit being blamed.

Then after everything is in dire-straights and falling apart (by design), a new referendum will be called and the tyrant will have the public backing they need to reenter their fascist state, the EU permanently. Just like they did in Ireland.


All you have to remember is this one important thing. FREEDOM. That’s what Brexit is all about.

Leave tyranny. Make yourself free. Don’t let the racist bigots, the tyrants, the fear mongers, the opportunists, tell you what to think, how to think and when to think.

Just remember, this is only about freedom. To live in a world free from the grasps of corporate and governmental corruption. To live without fear. To live without being dictated to. When you have that, you are the richest people in the world! That’s the real wealth of life.

Now the fight begins. The fight to keep your freedom, or should we say, what freedom you have left!

So What Do the Experts Say?

City Grandee David Buik is voted Leave

Brexit: Facts Not Fear

Toby Young – The Spectator – Britain’s foremost political magazine

A short film setting out the democratic case for voting Leave in the forthcoming EU Referendum. The argument relies on a factual account of how the EU works, and an historical analysis of how much influence Britain has been able to wield within it, rather than scaremongering and conjecture.

European Union Conspiracy – Introduced by Sir Patrick Moore

David Icke may not be an expert ‘per se’, but he has certainly done a lot of research. I would say he probably knows more about the EU than the experts.





Truth, peace, open mind, love and harmony!We don't do this for money. Truth should never be about money. It's a conflict of interest.Become a part of the awakening.
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